Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

people are trading their class enchants because of spell batching in trade windows


Explain please?

It’s not actually batching, it’s a timing interaction between a macro and the trade window. It just seems like batching. And here is an account from a vanilla toon live now on retail that was enchanted by someone else:

This was live in vanilla. People did it in vanilla.


I wanted to let you know we’ve seen the reports, and we’re investigating.

I recommend you hold off on doing these cross-class enchantments while we investigate further. If you take advantage of this exploit, you run the risk that you may have wasted the enchantment if we disable or remove it.

Thanks for the bug report!


reference client??? this was a thing in retail


Do I understand correctly that there is no downside to exploiting this? As in, either it becomes allowed and acceptable, or the enchant is removed with no repercussion on the account exploiting it (No permanent bans and such)?

If so, then why wouldn’t people exploit this bug?


Thanks for the response, you guys should do this more often. There’s a bug report forum full of people losing their minds, wasting tons of time trying to figure out if things are bugs or not.


no downside? if you want to waste the 200g on bloodvine or 1100g on a lionheart just to have it wasted, go ahead. to me, that is a major downside lol

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How can you call it “exploit” and tell people that its ok to do it in the same sentence “you may risk wasting the enchant by exploiting in our game”-sadface.

Also since you allowed raid gear to be traded (not a thing in vanilla) people can abuse this exploit on normal raidgear aswell and not just on boe items. Should just ban all who attempt do this tbh.


The downside is the enchant gets wasted if they fix it, but if they don’t then yeah no downside to exploiting it.

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What is the exploit exactly? Someone linked a character but I don’t understand which enchant is not allowed?

the downside is it break every bit of class fantasy and basis. they are class specific enchants


Full report out detailed in the Bug Forum: Zul'Gurub, Argent Dawn, and Naxxramas Class & Shoulder Enchants, Spell Batching, and Loot Trading


A level 1 character can have Rogue Instant Poison VI on its weapons, increasing DPS nearly 10,000%.

Yea… that’s bad.


Over mutiple releases the game has changed and the functions of the enchants have changed. But that IS a level 19 twink from vanilla on retail that was given enchants by someone else.

Now make sure you get rogue poisons on other classes weapons too.


But this is how it was in the actual vanilla tho…
Theres still people in retail with classic items with ZG enchants from different classes, this is how it was, but now you guys decide to change it? Weird


Please let moonkins have this… please…


we all know it existed, honestly it needs to be changed. it uses glitches in the system to force an enchant on to a class that was never suppose to have it.


you could argue that boe items is a classic “not a bug”… but with the new trade window on bop raid items and that those can now be enchanted… is not so intended.

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