Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

All classes have the same shoulder enchants…

This destroys the game btw. If blizzard allows this, myself and thousands of others will return to Pservers


Nets have been installed under all windows on Yojamba Isle to discourage jumpers after Blizzards landmark decision to fix an obvious exploit involving the ZG enchants. “But it was in vanilla” said one exploiter, as he impotently cried about a change in pixels. Indeed, many warlocks were…

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Only people who never played Vanilla would call this an exploit.

Seems a lot of people who never played Vanilla are trying to dictate what was and wasn’t in Vanilla.

Bad move.

Just let people pick whatever enchant they want without these ridiculous class restrictions. People were doing this in Vanilla, it was probably never fixed because the OG Devs realized how silly it was for half the classes, especially hybrids to gain zero benefit from their class enchants.

Just restrict to to level 60s and let people who farm the mats and time to get these enchants enjoy the ones they want.

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What in the literal hell, shoulder enchants don’t change jack. If anything it will help prot paladins feral druids more then anyone.

All the salt in this thread from people claiming this exploit should have been allowed to stay, because they didn’t want to lose their exploit gains, is great.

Yes you could add zg enchants to BoE items in vanilla. Yes it was a higher end thing people did on their twinks. But never did it happen with raid gear, and never should it have been allowed to happen on raid gear. Big difference imo, and obviously blizzards opinion too.


I do not mind this conclusion.

I do fee bad for warriors. There’s is arguably the worst one.

Using it on BoE items in Vanilla was still an exploit. The enchant made the item bound but with the use of the exploit you could trade it away at the same time. If the exploit was as well known back then or caused as much problems/outcry as it has in classic it would have been fixed back then as well.

Also the same people that claim this exploit should be left in because it was in vanilla and then at the same time say the enchants should be made usable by every class with no restrictions, do you not see the hypocrisy. Most people used these enchants as intended in vanilla, changing how they are used would deviate from the vanilla experience way more than fixing an exploit used by a few twinks.

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Bye Felicia.

You’re wrong, it’s not an exploit when the OG Devs made many changes but not with this. It seems all the people who were here for Vanilla, or so they say don’t want to admit this.

Classes benefiting from proper enchants is a good thing. Half the enchants are garbage for the very classes they’re supposedly for. How many more changes are people going to ask for because they think everything is an exploit?

So warriors and rogues doing more DPS than everyone else is obviously an exploit. We are going to need some class balance patches in order to stop people from taking advantage of this and stacking their raids with these two classes. Also you should ban every member of a guild that did this exploit in order to gain raid loot unfairly.

Or possibly just patch in a fix like

IF(Class = Warrior OR Class = Rogue) {
Damage = Damage * 0.5

That should do it.

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I forgot about class ZG enchants TBH, but after seeing the tank one I remembered about how I saw it as glass half full. It makes the HP libram irrelevant which the turnin costs you 30G even if you win the libram yourself (and on classic they’re going for ~50G), and since I was all about PvP back then and you always went for the extra HP I just saw the extra defensve and block value as gravy. But yeah, worthless for DPS in PvE, but we still have the libram for that.

Only those that tried to meta game cheat the system. I’m not going to cry for them.


Proper enchants? You mean the ones specifically designed for each class? Why on Azeroth would you think it’s ok to use the enchant for another class that isn’t your own?

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So you do know that the developers were clueless as to what stats classes actually wanted in Vanilla right? Thats why there was a giant re-itemization in 1.12 where they added the +hit and +crit modifiers and tried to stop warriors from wearing all leather rogue gear. Why do you think that at that time a class specific enchant would be any better is beyond me. They gave the +hit to hunters, the one class that needs only 5-6% hit from all of their gear combined now only needs 3-4% while rogues, druids, and warriors are busy taking priority on on any trinket or jewelry piece that has hit on it because they actually need it.

So the people that created the game were clueless? :rofl:

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Who said anything about crying? I’d be laughing at them.

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Well once again the devs of classic apparently disagree with you.

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Yeah. It’s OK to flush 200g down the drain, if you want to. Do you have any characters on Pagle? I’ll be happy to take 200g off of you, if you can’t see the downside in being out the cash. The reason they’re not adding an additional penalty is that there is already an inherent one.