Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

I love that suddenly a slew of less than 10 post characters are all in here insisting it isnt an exploit. Sock puppets anyone?


I want the game to have integrity, and for clear exploiters to get the boot. If they decided there was no statute of limitations to exploiting, mister L19 vanilla twink exploiter, I wouldn’t shed a single tear if your account suddenly ceased to exist.

PS I am open to any and all changes that closes absurd loophole exploits that you and a bunch of obvious sockpuppets are championing.


Just remove the class restrictions and make everyone happy. ZG will stay relevant, it will give people more options, and fix the absurdity of not having the option to begin with.

Bloodvine is BoE, the argument isnt on BoE items with it. It’s on people getting raid gear (BoP’s) chanted with it due to the loot 2 hour window.

It’s the same thing dude. The ZG Enchants make BOE items BOP when you enchant them.

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Only… ZG chants were sold all the time for twinks in vanilla…

If it existed, it should be left, whats the harm?

Exploit early, exploit often. If they let people keep the enchanted gear when they fix it, it will become some of the most valuable items in classic.

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This was impossible in classic since you couldn’t trade soulbound equipment.

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ok a couple quick points here:

  1. The enchants were able to be swapped onto other classes in Vanilla
  2. Its not like there is any class balance currently in Classic so who cares who can equip which enchant
  3. Can we stop with the whole everything has to be exactly like Vanilla thing? At no point in Classic has it been exactly like Vanilla, Blizz has changed tons of stuff from gold farm spot drop rates to server populations and layering. I’m fairly certain Aimed shot didn’t have a .5 second delay before casting + spell pushback on it in Vanilla…

So bloodvine legs and Lionheart helm were impossible to enchant?

False. All of my toons had BOE gear with ZG Enchants on it and white shoulders with Naxx enchant. HOWEVER, I don’t remember being able to wear items with different class enchants on them as a twink.

What he’s referring to is the fact that you can trade raid drops.

There are already warlocks with Mish’undare with the mage enchant.

That absolutely was NOT possible in vanilla.

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And givin blizzs history of letting people keep things after an exploit has been fixed, you only risk some gold if you buy from someone else.

Also, since this is classic, fixing it might take too much time so they just leave it in because then they don’t have to do anything.

Why is this response directed at me?

So only mages can do it? Who cares, why does it bother you that a warlock has 1% more hit? It doesn’t take anything away from anyone else…

I think you responded to the wrong person…

No, I responded to you saying there are warlocks with Mish’undare with the enchant…

because it directly addresses your comment and asks a relevant question…

I think you may be the one taking too much from text.

Your question isn’t relevant to me or anything I said.

Your comment doesn’t address the content of what I said in any way.

You’re projecting a stance onto me that I never took.