Shadow Oil proc rate wrong?

Still waiting as a response as we move into BWL.

Still not fixed!!

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Any chance this is going to be fixed before Naxx?

that’s a good one!

If I had to make a guess it’s probably because it’s using the 16% spell miss chance and not based on melee hit chance.

It both has a 10s internal cooldown AND misses based on spell hit’s 16% miss on bosses.

The miss chance isnt lowering procs, the ICD is, but it does lower how many connect.

The internal cooldown is the issue. The proc rate when off cooldown is fine.

Ah that’s right, I remember reading about the ICD. Is that Vanillalike?

We have absolutely no idea if it is vanilla-like.

I can’t find an example of any other proc or item that has an internal cooldown like that. The most similar item, frost oil, does not have an internal cooldown.

Really, the only way we will know for sure is for blizz to respond to this thread or add it to the “not a bug” list.

Or I guess stealth change it in a later patch.

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Blizz can we get a response to this thread please?


Almost 6 months, and we’re still waiting on this.

Blue Post please? Would like this fixed…

Whats wrong

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if true please fix thanks.

You won’t get a blue post in bug fixes channel.

Whats a blue post???

fixed yet?

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Can you please look at this? Or at least give us an answer?

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How the hell is this still bugged?

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“indie company”

Not only does shadow oil have a hidden 10 second cooldown between procs, but now we know that procs are also suppressed by the GCD.

It’s… not ideal.