Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

Yeah I remember raid gear being tradeable in retail and people doing this exploit on their mish’undares as a warlock for extra hit with the mage enchant. Totally the same situation as back then. /s

Back then you maybe had a few rare cases of this happening on boe items but now this will become the standard on normal bop raidgear if left unfixed. Ban em all.


this just simply needs to be fixed. i get it, it would be awesome for a lock to get the 2% on top of bloodvine but at the same time, this was clearly not intended. if it were intended, they would have gotten 1% spell hit enchants. clearly an exploit


It’s not an exploit, it was like this in VANILLA!
Its just called outsmarting game mechanics.


Can you also please take a look at people abusing the ZG enchants by putting them on low level “twink characters” such as 19 and 29 twinks… it really ruins the fun. We’ve got people abusing trade glitches to add them to low level characters


it wasn’t a glitch in vanilla and it isn’t one now, just because you call it one

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for boe items sure. bop… not so much since the 2 hour trade window in raid wasn’t a thing. However, the fix will make it one way or the other since I don’t think it’s possible to have it both ways.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up on this one.

Adding enchants to BoEs before equipping them was done in vanilla, so it’s not a bug the same way adding them to BoP items then trading them back using the unique to classic 2hour window is.

They could decide to go this route, but it would be a change instead of a bug fix, so I’m skeptical they would do it.


it wasn’t rare at all in vanilla. all the best twinks had ZG enchants. judging by your past replies you just hate fun? why do you want people banned for utilizing mechanics in vanilla wow? why do you want classic wow changed?


Since when is “excess resists because of poorly designed enchants” a meaningful component of the warlock class fantasy?


I love that he finishes with a snarky “clearly an exploit”…except it was widespread in vanilla and clearly not an exploit.


boe vs bop is the issue in classic vs vanilla.

and that’s what it should come down to, but the solution to fix one will probably change the other.

19 twink from vanilla reporting in! other classes enchanting twink gear was so common, if you didn’t have enchants then you were barely a twink. this was never changed, so I’m not sure why people claim it was an exploit.


You realize the blue in this thread called it “exploit”?

It was not possible to do this on BOP gear in vanilla at all, why do you want to change the game again?

You realize they are merely a spokesperson, correct? People did this all the time in vanilla. just because you didn’t play back then doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. it was never patched and NEVER considered an exploit. or it would have been changed in 2006, 2007, 2008?

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Your “reference client” (aka bnet Jim) will show that this “exploit” was possible in vanilla, and used in vanilla by many people. So if you change this you are going against #nochanges, but what do you care, you already ruined servers from blizzard stupid financial moves and have gone back to layering (amidst the plethora of other asinine decisions).

This has caught on by raid loot being tradable, which it was not tradable in vanilla. I’ll bet if you change the server tick rate to normal 2020 server tick rates so batching isn’t as miserable as it is, this wouldn’t happen.


why do you hate fun? what do you get out of people being banned? why are you so opposed to this? you seem like the most upset person here.


Sowhat they didnt catch the exploit back then, its still an exploit today (as they said). Also you dont seem to get the whole “raid items are tradeable for 2 hours in this version of the game” problem that didnt exist in vanilla.

No one cares about your twink pvp. It wasnt relevant 2006 it isnt relevant 2020.


They changed Runeblade among other things, no reason they wouldn’t change this either. At least this time they can’t cover it with a lie.


btw until you grind the wsg rep, I don’t think you get speaking privileges here mr. level 10. you obviously know nothing about vanilla or classic.

Pretty sure, since that is not his call to make, that i would not simply assume.
He does not get to make that kind of decision.

Being that this also happened in vanilla, i would be surprised if individual punishments went out, especially since most of the playerbase will never see this forum thread, but i also would not purposely bank on it either.

I’d take his words of caution and just wait and see.
There is even a chance the dev team might decide, eh vanilla bug, never fixed, leaving it. The Ony reset has thus far been accepted as a never corrected vanilla flaw.
But i would see what they decide 1st.