Hate to be the Guy Blizz Devs

But you know what the issue is with the enchants. Just make a decision please. This whole “you might lose it” thing isn’t working. We’re going to raid. If we don’t do this and you guys end up allowing it, we have to get the piece of gear again. If we do it and you guys remove it, we lose an enchant for one of our characters. Please just say yes or no and quit being ambiguous. Put the dad pants on.

Stop being impatient. Let them do their job.

If you don’t like their warning, then take your own chances, by putting on your own pants.

It’s reasonable to ask for a resolution, it’s not reasonable to ask it in the way you did.


What about it isn’t working?


honestly I think theres no way blizz will allow people to do this on tradeable raid loot

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What part of “don’t do it right now” is hard to understand. That is a huge tell they are going to act on it.

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