Zul'Gurub, Argent Dawn, and Naxxramas Class & Shoulder Enchants, Spell Batching, and Loot Trading

I have amended this report due to all of the new information we’ve been learning through the Theorycraft and Druid discord. Please see below for the current and full report:

1. Shoulder Enchants and Class Enchants
2. Temporary Weapon Buff Enchants
3. Loot Trading
5. Spell Batching or Trade Bug?
4. Exploitation and History

Shoulder Enchants and Class Enchants

Recently it has been popularized within the community that Level 19 players have been running around with Zul’Gurub Class Enchantments on their Helm/Leg slots as well as their shoulder enchantments. This isn’t new behavior for Classic nor was it unheard of in Vanilla.

Since Phase 1, you could place Argent Dawn shoulder enchantments onto other pieces of gear and trade them away. In Vanilla, you could also achieve this possibility most commonly utilized via the Naxxramas shoulder enchantments you’d receive from Sapphiron.

What wasn’t very well known is the possibility of doing this with the Zul’Gurub Class enchantments, but there is evidence even today through patch notes as well as current retail players stuck in limbo on Armory that this was possible. There was a method in Vanilla that persisted through all or nearly all of TBC that utilized the Mail in order to achieve these results.

Items which these enchantments are utilized on are Bind on Equip items. Argent Dawn and Zul’Gurub shoulder enchants and Zul’Gurub class helm/leg enchants currently create a binding soulbind effect once the item is enchanted. Naxxramas shoulder enchantments do not have this current behavior until WoTLK.

Source: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/415573477282545695/701094724379082822/wgS5MJYh.png

Temporary Weapon Buff Enchants

The current method in Classic can also be utilized to place Rogue weapon enchantments such as Crippling Poison, Instant Poison, Deadly Poison, etc. onto another individuals weapon. Again, like the shoulder and class enchantments this is only possible through placing them on BoE weapons and trading them away.

Enchanting weapons in this nature also creates a soulbind effect onto weapons. This type of exploitative behavior for Instant Poison on BoE weapons for raiders would be tremendously expensive if it was discovered that these enchantments are the most optimal. However, for the lower Level brackets this is a incredible boost.

It appears possible to even have a Shaman enchant a BoE and/or raid looted weapon with Rockbiter, Flametongue, Frostband, and/or Wind Fury and trade it away.

Source: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/583997297575198727/701467615691931714/unknown.png

Source: https://puu.sh/FzKIW/bea3fc0da4.jpg

Loot Trading

Loot Trading is a unBlizz-like feature that wasn’t apart of Vanilla and was soley integrated into Classic so Blizzard didn’t have to police the community with poor and mishapped decisions. Unfortunately, there is a vicious side effect to having the ability to trade a raid item within a 2hour window with the new found information we have with these ZG Enchantments.

Source: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/498619347778928661/701499954589597796/image0.png

Spell Batching or Trade Bug

At first thought it was believed to due to spell batching via the method in which these enchantments are acquired. However, is it possible that it’s a completely unrelated and entirely new issue in itself due with trading and mailing in general?

Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedyEnthusiasticGalagoSeemsGood
Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdBusyVelociraptorGivePLZ

Exploitation and History

As mentioned prior we can see that this behavior was known about in Vanilla and carried through until WoTLK when it was finally addressed in various different ways. Firstly, in patch 3.0.8 addressing the Mail exploitation and then in 3.1 addressing the Naxxramas shoulder enchantment opportunity.

The method that was utilized often in TBC was the following:

  1. First just get your enchant from ZG, Aldor, or Scryer.
  2. Have the shoulders on your main as well
  3. Get to a mailbox and open the window and fill out your twinks name and message
  4. Start enchanting your shoulders, it has a 5 second cast timer.
  5. During this 5 seconds you place the shoulders in the letter and hover over the send button.
  6. The second that it is enchanted you hit send and it is mailed to your twink.

This method has been unconfirmed as of this report if it works in Classic.

Now requires the user to be at least level 70. Previously could be enchanted and sent to low-level alts, enabling the wielder to one-shot enemies many levels higher than the user.

Source: https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_3.0.8_(undocumented_changes)

Old Naxxramas Shoulder Enchants will now soulbind items.

Source: https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_3.1.0

As evidence to show that this opportunity was never fully rectified and persists even today in BFA, 15+ years later we can view various different characters on Armory with the ZG/Naxxramas shoulder enchants and class enchants: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/253206622522834945/701390112101236797/unknown.png

Note: The stats have been converted overtime from the game changing the stats of these enchants.

It is quite clear that this is exploitative in nature, however is it a relic of Vanilla that should go untouched such as other exploits like Noggenfogger? The “out of the norm” behavior is Loot Trading, but it is fair to point out that a normal player can’t acquire these enchantments in a normal-game mechanic otherwise. It requires “steps” so to speak.

It’s a slippery slope to address. In the past Blizzard has noteably nerfed Runeblade of Baron Rivendare’s 1:1 +healing scaling, citing that it does not operate in the way it works in Classic on the reference client. Failure in admitting that it currently does and has always operated in this fashion.

On the other hand, they refused to address Diamond Flask for the very same mechanic, which is actively abused by Warrior’s. The only rational reasoning for the lack of this nerf is due to there being tangible patch notes which refute when and how the item was nerfed.

The enchantments have strong documentation which support their behavior much like Diamond Flask Vanilla behavior. A nerf would either mean the reference client is to be discredited in its entirety or Blizzard must fix this from the top all the way to the bottom.

This isn’t just a Classic opportunity to address and I hope everyone, including Blizard, understands this. If altered and fixed for Classic it must be addressed for every single iteration of WoW all the way up to BFA since current characters that have seemingly “been lost to time” still have these enchantments populated on their characters.


Pretty simple solution in my eyes, if your interest is in maintaining the most accurate Vanilla-like reference in Classic - remove the 2 hour trade window on BoP items in raids.


Is there a difference between Blizzard’s classification of a “bug” and an “exploit?” Could it be that the Runeblade thing was a bug and this ZG enchant is an exploit? Just curious if that makes a difference.

Either way, I’m hesitant on doing this to a fresh pair of Bloodvine Leggings until an official Blizz post states whether it is ok or not. In the general forums, Pazorax stated this: Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

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there is quite literally no rhyme or reason to their decision making i’m afraid…


Added to the report the ability to trade away weapons with Shaman Temporary Weapon enchantments.

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damn, I thought you said the shaman imbue was instant and not working within the trade window batch?

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The tester may have just been too slow with the process which caused him to fail continuously.

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lol bad tester

It appears a CM has moved the report out of the Bug Report and into General Discussion in case anyone was following this with the updates I was making.


It appears they have addressed this issue. The Temporary Weapon Enchantments still appear to be active and can be batched from player to player, i.e. Paladin using Instant Poison, Warrior using Shaman’s Frostband, etc.

The assumption is the last part of that blue post is to address this issue though. We’ll see and report back otherwise.

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What baffles me is they have given us access to the naxx update rank 14 weapons, not talking about the itemization changes but the added weapons, the quick blade, healing mace, etc, that stuff did not exist until naxx pvp armor update, but they don’t want to give wizards the AV ring that came out around the same time for exactly the same reasons… You can benefit from certain add gear but can’t for others, there is zero consistency in that, it’s like they just all rando out things in and pick and choose what they wanted, almost like it’s a team of warrior mains.


Wild guess, you can always buy the ring once its earned, r14 you have to earn and buy in the same week, so they probably let people get stuff early since the r14s from before p6 wouldn’t be able to buy the items when they released.

Back in the day, when players used the mail method to enchant shoulders etc for twinks, it was considered an exploit.

I remember twinks would change their gear before they logged off so the exploit wouldn’t show up on their armory (the old initial version) as they were worried that they would be reported.

So, this really isn’t a #nochanges issue. It was an exploit and was treated as such (though not rectified via patch for a long time to prevent new occurrences).

Haha, if you think this isn’t confusing enough. Blizzard allows for a exploit such as Heroic Strike queuing to remain in the game, but addresses this instead.

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You necro’d a 9-month old post to discuss the glories of twinking?


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This is Classic and not Vanilla. Deal with it. Sorry for your time wasted on this post.