Anti Necro Posting

the only one i could find like this, was a cached version from the old forum.

if an addon is no longer updated, the best source of information is often available through the comments on the download page

Lol, unreal.

Yeah, they’re just going to keep moving the goalpost. First it was “that doesn’t happen.” Now with an actual example it’s “well, if it does happen… just go somewhere else, don’t use the forums.”

They’re not arguing in good faith, so I wouldn’t bother.

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I agree that necroing a thread that is still a valid talking point shouldn’t be a bad thing. Some people repost the same topic 10 times and that is worse in my opinion.


Yeah I have to resort to google cache now to get the same information

Vuhdo is still updated, pretty sure it’s always up to date but it’s not really a straightforward addon lol. It’s probably worse than Tradeskillmaster or Elvui

heaven forbid people go directly to the source!
…but feel free to take your car to the dentist for an alignment. :crazy_face:

Here’s an example of why threads should be locked.
Happy birthday, thread!

someone necros, others start responding directly to the op, who hasn’t been active since early last year.

another example of pointless…
a two year old thread, for no reason other than to rage.

one from 2012, pointlessly bumped.

Shouldn’t it be after the last reply, because threads can go on for quite a while now.

Yeah, I know. People should go to the source (the original thread). Glad we agree.

Americans always, always, always need to change up British and European versions of things to suit “our tastes.”

See: Any TV show, music, movie, book, style, slang, fashion … or forum auto-lock feature… that originated across the pond.

And, as is evidenced here, of course we need to make it bigger and “better” than our EU counterparts. They get 30, we get 60 or 90. 'Murica!

Yes, they surely can.

blizzard don’t create addons, nor can they be downloaded anywhere on this site.

I don’t think you know what “source” means.

Right, go to the source for addons and also go to the source for threads. Again, glad we agree and you’ve changed your initial irrational stance against necroing.

twist my words as much as you want, it doesn’t change my mind.

the two-way linking negates the need for necros, while keeping all the information in the same place.

Honestly I see a lot of instances where it just crops up for one reason or another midline on a page of listings, and ends up getting necro’d (case in point, one I suppose I accidentally did?). Having them auto-lock could help, at least in cases where you find them on Google or something and can use them for info/post a new Topic if you still have questions.

Kind of hard to gripe at people for necro’ing threads, when you make it possible in the first place?

It used to be a punishable offense. Now it is not, so people are going to keep doing it.

I have read all the rules out of boredom, Here are the basics of forum posting without having the massive wall of text that their official rule page has.

You are not allowed to “necro” a thread. That by Blizzard’s terms has two definitions.

1: necro meaning, posting on a thread that has not been replied to in over a moths period or

2: posting on a thread that the original poster said they were done with and did not come back to

Also not allowed to restart the topic of a locked post UNLESS it was locked due to it reaching the forum posting cap, in which case a forum moderator will restart the thread in a new location and state why they are doing so.

You cannot post on the forums about a thread that was locked if it was locked to reasons other than reaching cap.

You cannot post on the forums asking about any sort of account actions

You cannot post on the forums to try to get around a GM ticket

You cannot post on the forums as a means of attempting to slander a player’s progress, such as guild recruitment and the such.

If you do not like the direction a thread you created is going, you are not allowed to create a new thread to try and reroute your old one.

Pretty basic stuff.

Dont necro, dont be rude, dont attempt to circumvent the rules by using the forums.

Oh and one more thing I forgot to add. If a thread was rerouted to adfferent section of the forums, you are not allowed to start the exact same thread on the forum it was rerouted from.

If you don’t like necro posts don’t necro post.
Some of us do like necro posts. Leave us alone. Live and let live.

How does it hurt you if we can carry on a conversation over years?
Just hit the back button and stop reading. Don’t post.

It’s so simple and doesn’t involve imposing your way of communicating on the rest of us.

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Except it doesn’t.

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Isn’t that exactly what they do now? What do you mean how is it not relevant?

I have this problem that this person had the EXACT PROBLEM UNDER THE EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES. Who cares if it’s a year down the road, it’s still a problem.

So FAQ’s, documented problems and such in IT are all stupid things to do because year old or more?

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