WoW should be F2P if they going to add more and more microtansactions

Players are fed up with all the microtransactions they keep throwing at us. With a subscription game there is an expectation that is what supports the game and that you won’t need to pay more money for exclusive pets, mounts and now toys.

It is not ok when Activison Blizzard decides they need more money and keeps adding more and more stuff to the cash shop.

See you guys soon when loot boxes with random rare mounts and pets are added. You know Activision Blizzard wants this.


if BfA is telling of future expansions then WoW should go free to play given the amateur quality of development, the non-existent QA team, and the bad ideas - not because of some micro-transactions.


What you posted is merely you opinion that’s based upon your conjecture. First, you’ve stated the non-existent QA team, which is false, because Blizzard has a quality control team. Another one of your fallacies is the amateur quality of development, because they are still the largest game within the MMORPG genre.

You can watch this to see what the company’s vision is:



Are you kidding me? Every other game with a cashshop may have a subscription OPTION but is either buy-to-play or free-to-play.

We already have to buy the game, the latest expansion, and pay a subscription. The company is already making more than enough money off of us.

But whatever, enjoy your cashshop toys.


hurr durr muh scary socialism
OP has a great point, only F2P games deserve micro-transactions as they need to make money somehow. Whereas we pay for WoW, we pay for the sub, and now they expect money for mounts and pets that should be found in-game.
Top this all off with Activision giving their new CFO 15 million as they’ve reported to be cost cutting. Absolutely ridiculous.


How is it not ok for a private business to decide to sell virtual items to people that might want to buy them?

Subscriptions are like movie tickets – they are meant to be competitively priced but don’t fund the business, it’s the virtual items and third party deals that keep the business profitable much like how overpriced snacks and drinks keep the theaters open.


Microtransactions are fine as long as its not p2w. I’m not going to down the toughest mythic bosses anytime soon because I got the one of them glowy helms that were on sale…


Microtransactions do not belong in a subscription based game in my opinion. Sure we can all buy currency for the shop with our WoW gold but that really doesn’t make the problem better. I would rather have content created in the game to earn these cash shop items. Just saying.


And here we go again with more posts being flagged that aren’t against the rules… :roll_eyes:


It never ends :disappointed_relieved:

Why does someone actually have to purchase something from the cash shop in the first place? Go ahead, I’ll be here to see you reply.


how about fact that the game is F2P for many players (wow tokens bought with gold)?
sure, someone else is fittign the bill, but the person is playing for free as a result.

also there is NOTHING in the “micro transaction” area that is required. nothing adds an advantage over another person. Entirely optional cosmetics.

That form of stuff is fine by players.
Its the stuff that can give you an advantage over another that is not liked.

WoW can have all the cosmetics it wants…its not hurting anyone.

nothing new.
ppl warned about it happening b4 the change as its a problem even over on the OW forums. (they used the new ones for months longer than WoW)

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I simply said I would rather see game content made for these items in the game. Let people who want to skip the content to earn them buy them let people who enjoy working for items like these have that option.

Nothing crazy. Options and Content!

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Who are you to make that decision for others? It’s types like you that convinces the uninformed that those who worked hard, gave up things in life, ad finally made it to a very wealthy status should all be punished just because they have more than others. If you don’t want anything from the cash shop,then guess what? It doesn’t affect you game play one iota. Now, if this was a free top lay game, then your character progression would suffer


oh and in addition…you can buy EVERYTHING in cash shop using in game gold.

so…again you are not locked out of anything. farm gold, buy tokens, convetr to bnet balance, buy cash shop items (excluding game time and tokens as those i think are only non buyable things with em)


So a business shouldn’t try to make money…got it. Just an fyi, “players” aren’t fed up, “you” are. If ever a day comes when things in the cash shop have an effect on gameplay I will agree with you. Until then it makes no difference.


Absolutely, make some baseless assumptions about my overall outlook on life based upon my disinterest in cashshop items.

Just know that every one of your assumptions are wrong and that the rest isn’t worth arguing about. You’re strangely passionate about the cashshop though.

To reiterate; LMAO.


You used the term fallacy wrong and then, in the same sentence, committed a fallacy yourself.

This is a fallacy known as false cause, where the speaker makes the mistake of simply assuming that something is the cause because it happened first, in this case assuming that good quality development has lead WoW to be the largest game in the genre without acknowledging any other factors, like change in quality, dedication of fan-base to said previous quality, or the lack of quality in other games.

I am of the opinion that the current state of development is definitely not a good representation of the state of the game in any of the 2005-2009 years where it earned it’s crown as the leading MMO of the genre, and that the quality has indeed dropped, which you are free to disagree with. Before you do, however, make sure to understand what a fallacy is and get a proper grasp on them before calling anyone out on using them.


They definitely didn’t do it by begging to the community for money, that’s for sure.

I used to not be bothered by the cash shop, and I guess I’m still not bothered by it. But I think at some point it could become a microtransaction problem.

People saying the shop isn’t pay to win forget that winning this game isn’t just completing mythic raids. This isn’t a first person shooter where you pay cash for a better gun and therefore you win. Lots of people play this game just to collect stuff, do achievements, etc. What you’re calling winning is the side game to more people than not.