Anti Necro Posting

OK then, even if they do a blanket ban on locking inactive threads, that’s still superior to what we have to deal with now.

Yeah, I’m aware you think that. It’s wrong, but fair enough that you still think that.

Old threads aren’t inherently bad but a good example is a few weeks ago we had what one could call a “forum vandal” that would necro the oldest threads they could manage to find for no other reason than to disrupt GD. Its obnoxious, creates extra work for the CMs, and buries current threads.

They are bad for a number of reasons, in addition to the ones you mentioned.

Firstly people reply to people who aren’t even playing anymore so there can be no discussion.

Secondly a lot of the time the information in the old thread is dated and has been changed and it creates confusion for people.

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I agree with your assessment. Some older threads are useful however, so I wouldn’t say theyre inherently bad. Like megathreads tamp down on forum spam as long as they’re not in a permanent report loop.

Do CM accounts lock after 30 days of non use?

This is perfect.

Saving this thread, for later…

This is how it’s done! you make a decision 30 days or 60 days and go with it! adjust from there, but at least you have a system in place to prevent Necro Posting

One of the most ridiculous rules I’ve seen is the necro rule on here. It’s normal on every other forum to bump old posts and reflect on the discussion within it.

Just lock every thread that hasn’t had a post within the last 7 days because if it’s been longer you’ll jump down the person’s throat for doing something entirely normal everywhere else. It’s like a cult on here.

There are hyper-specific threads that are both old but also still the top search result on Google. In general there’s usually a reason that an older thread got found and it’s not because someone was paging back through thousands of pages of threads for fun.

The point being, that if it’s still the top search result on Google for its topic, it is still relevant.

it does, because if threads are linked with each other, the links are in the first post… both ways.

which often results in the exact problem which is being discussed.
threads from long ago, are brought to the top… with outdated information.

it really seems like you’re ignoring everything i’ve said.
i’ve already stated multiple times that people are arriving in (and posting in) old threads, due to a search engine sending them there.

Yeah, it really is asinine.

Yeah this is an example of bad necroing that deserves moderation. Same for somebody creating multiple nonsense threads that are aimed at trolling. They also get moderated. There’s no difference. That’s not a good enough reason, imo, to have a blanket rule because mods are lazy.

It’s a bit ludicrous to have to say that old threads aren’t “inherently bad.” That is just a ridiculous statement. Of course they aren’t. Rofl. The people who think they are are like cult members who think that simply because it’s an obscure rule specific to this rather ridiculous forum.

The forum should just auto-delete threads that have no new posts if it thinks they are useless. The information is outdated so they shouldn’t even be around to mislead people who find them by google search. According to the ridiculous reasoning for why the rule exists.

Can you (or anyone) elaborate on this? Do you mean the “Top” threads listing?

They probably mean the list of forum threads at the bottom of the page when you scroll to say the end of this topic like this one. It has a big header called Suggested Topics. Then has a list of forum threads you have checked out (some of them can be older). With stats listed by Topic, Category, Author, Replies, Views, and Activity.

Basically what Tekkect said Kaivax. Sometimes I’ll see a current thread that is on the forums. I’ll post in it as I’m doing now to reply to you. Not frequently but sometimes I’ll see a post right below mine on the forums in the Suggested Topics pane, and so I’ll click on it and read what’s there. Then I post in it.

It’s not frequent now as I’ve been very careful on checking times and days since last post, but there have been cases in the past where I accidentally posted in a old thread and inadvertently bumped / necroed a post.

It happens also when I accidentally find myself in the “Top” threads listing as well, as I have mistook it in the past for the General Forums as well. Like I said before, this is more something one can chalk up to a lack of situational awareness on my part, but I mention since it might help your goal here; and ensure that folks who post less frequently don’t return and accidentally do the same. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification!

I’ve just changed the settings that govern the suggested topics below. We’ll see what happens.


Yes but there’s also threads out there with relevant information, I used one just a few hours ago " Vuhdo - changing health bar colors" from 8 years ago still is the best “guide” to make my raid frames look the way I want them to.

If I were to ask the question in a new thread I’d have to sit through the obligatory “just use healbot”, “just use stock raid frames”, “use grid”, “use xperl”, “what’s vuhdo?”, etc responses until eventually someone knew the answer