So what makes your mog stand out?

Thats right, we have seen many threads about showing off your transmog. This ones a wee bit different. This one will be about people who managed to find a unique look that no one has managed to replicate on your server.

On whisperwind Im quite unique the helm i have is not in game anymore well the color that is and I do have the old za healer/dps shield on my ele spec. Sadly i sold the dagger from the old raid and im trying to get the 353 version of it.

Lots of peeps like the look and how I just stand out of the crowd with it.

This thread may go slow but ya if you managed to make somthing no one else has on your server post it here. Ill place a few pics when the game is back of both my enh set and ele set. But keep in mind im still trying to get a dagger drop from heroic za.
I'm not wearing it currently, but as my PvE transmog is of full t12, not a lot of people run around in it. Probably because they don't want to look like they're running around in gear that was "so last patch". And I'm happy with it, even if there are one or two paladins running around with it on in Org.

However, if I saw a warrior running around in the lookalike version of pally t12, I would be rather impressed.
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I'm not in the full set ATM (swapped specs) but I think mine is unique because I haven't tried to get full tier, like what I usually see. It's a mix and match, with my star piece being my weapon. Staff of the Green Circle It has a really awesome animation, and it's Druid only!
I've had people tell of my transmog is one of the best they've seen. In all honesty, I don't see it.
I chose a style that is simple, yet elegant. It doesn't have the bulky shoulders and flashy lights, it doesn't have the "I am awesome!" look that is common to most of WoW, so I tend to remain pretty unique.

I also have a monocle! :D
Mine is just gear I found and threw on because it matched. I think actual "sets" aren't very creative
Well i just transmog what i needed for now until then...
I'm wearing the Judgement set (yes banana shoulders) I have yet to see anyone else wearing them, but I get compliments all the time. <3
I think mine suits a fire mage quite well.
This was my very fist set. I thought it looked so cool, better than any other set so I kept it.

Most pallies transmog to the purple or golden set.
So what makes your mog stand out?

Do I really need to answer this? :P

Of course my actual transmog uses felhorns instead of my gas mask since I cannot transmog it :[
Are there any chest pieces to match my leggins? Any help would be appreciated.
I have a plain outfit but I had alot of comments about it. I had a guildmate ask me didn't my gear cost alot to obtain. I told her no I farmed it.
I love throwing things i find on the ah or while lvling other toons together into a set.
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So what makes your mog stand out?

Do I really need to answer this? :P

Of course my actual transmog uses felhorns instead of my gas mask since I cannot transmog it :[

I, for the life of me, cannot find the Silver-Thread Armor on the AH, so I replaced it with the Black Mageweave Vest, and covered it up with my guild tabard, which just so happens to match.

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What's not to understand?
A Dark Paladin baby!!!

Though I need a sword for it... /cry
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What's not to understand?

is your transmog gear no longer obtainable?
I thought it would be way more common, I was the first on my server to wear it and that's my only claim to fame, as for my weapon I change it allot.