An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

I can explain it better, if you ask, nicely instead of being antagonistic towards me about it.

They always have.

  • Squelch is automated and will mute an account pending GM review. It was put in place many many years ago. It is triggered by many unique accounts reporting something in a short period of time. It was put in place for gold spammers/website spammers long ago. It still exists

  • Silences or suspensions have always been real people. It means the reports were actually for something that broke the rules. An email is sent to the registered address when that happens. Those infractions stay on the account and stack.

Yeah, and when you get reported again you get suspended. And it happens really fast. They really don’t like it when they give you a free name change and you decide to ignore the GM’s request to change it.

Nah, I don’t think I want to be educated by someone who replaces a word for every letter in the dictionary. :joy:

Yep, this was just an excuse for you to be rude to me, for no reason.

I’ll go ahead and block you, too.

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It’s probably queer. Which is queer to me, but I disdain all policing of speech because I like to write and so doing hampers the potential for colorful phrasing.

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Wow, really. That is what they were afraid to type…Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a good TV show.

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Reported for inappropriate behavior.

I tried to watch it but 5 minutes in and i was bored.

Well I admit I was a lot younger then. :joy:

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The reports attach the name, server, chat channel, chat logs, game position, game logs, etc to the report depending on the type of report. That enables the GM to do a review of the relevant data. I think chat reports also bring in the rest of the convo, not only the person reported so sometimes, more than one person can get actioned.

This is like false 911 calls. If someone genuinely thinks something is bad, Blizz leaves them alone. If they (or a group) are intentionally trying to use the system to abuse players, that is against the rules. I don’t know how well that is enforced though.

Yeah the current system tends to be less than optimal and sometimes requires multiple tickets for complicated issues. The other problem is that people put in tickets for things CS does not help with so when they finally get a reply it is something they don’t want to hear. Like, “we can’t give game hints so please try a third party site like Wowhead”.

They put together a CS forum article on it a few years ago that is helpful to learn what CS can and can’t help with.

Back when i was stuck with basic cable i ended up watching a bit of rue paul. Found it boring as all hell lol

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I’m not sure if you know this but Sindella is also Rahmiell.

What about Ricki Lake or Jerry Springer?

I found jerry funnier due to all the fighting lol

JERRY… JERRY… JERRY! xD I remember dad watching that when I was a kid. Only entertaining part was the last 10 minutes though tbh.

Right? All the fighting was hilarious.

Jerry Springer would not last long in today’s woke culture.

Looks like somebody figured it out. But, you know, ignoring the context of why I (personally) don’t use it and making fun of me for it, seems kinda odd, as well, even though I clearly said y’all can say it, if you want to, I’m not going to.

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And the roasting by the audience that was funny too.

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Never going to happen with the overly strict system they are putting in. Heck even after the carry ban, people talked in trade for maybe 3 days, and it went totally silent! Why? Because they were just talking about some of the stupidest things they could possibly come up with.

Once you go woke, you go broke. I believe in this 100%!

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