An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

As a part of our ongoing efforts to foster a fun, fair, and safe game environment for our community, we’re implementing some improvements to the system with the 9.2.5 update.

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This is great!

I’m all for anything that prunes the toxicity that runs rampant in the community and helps all of us feel welcomed!


I read the article. They aren’t improving anything.


I just got scammed twice in wow this week. Wish this would’ve gone sooner. Would’ve been nice to know if action was taken.


Did you though?

We’ve modernized how reporting works in-game, making it even easier to report disruptive or poor player behavior.

  1. Right-click the player’s name in chat or other applicable area.
  2. Click ‘Report Player’.
  3. This will open a popup allowing you to select the appropriate reason for the report as well as allow you to add additional details.
  4. Click ‘report’.

The reporting is more specific now.


yea and it can be abused


Any news on cleaning up the forums as well?


I do occasionally grumble at nearby players who stumble around aimlessly, and inadvertently make life difficult for myself and others. I pledge to withhold my helpful advice from them. Though the may be clumsy and oblivious to others, I won’t point it out to them and everyone else within earshot anymore. Much. :innocent:


and if players dont want to see f bombs or stuff like that there is a setting to turn it on or off


I really hope the reasons for reporting cover the wider variety of inappropriate stuff people do.
Scams are a big one. Those “amazing offer” ones are especially bad but don’t really fit the current categories.
We also need a 3rd party RMT one.

  • We could also use a “suspected bot” option for all those totally real and not a bot druids riding druids gathering herbs.

They confirmed time and time again the filter doesn’t give players free reign to say whatever they want for 17 years now. Not likely to change.


As long as blizzard actually does something about the botters, and clearly rmt sellers in trade chat I am fine with these changes. My worry its going to be more of the same they just let slide through


It was already being abused before.

At leaat theyre trying to make wow a better place. What have you done to help with that?


The filters are not there so that people can break the rules that they agreed to. Blizz has been clear about that. It is for parents, mostly, who want to keep kids away from people who can’t control their fingers. Same goes for Ignore. It is not an excuse for others to break the rules. Blizz has had this stance since release.

This usually falls under Spam (which is used for all advertising) and you can enter a reason for it - RMT.

For that one you select Cheating and enter a reason - gathering bot or something.

For both of these I have had positive notes back that action was taken.

This one is a never ending battle :frowning: They will keep banning bots and taking legal action against bot makers where they can.

I also hope for more consistent enforcement across the board, and transparency.


agree the scam thing for amazing offer has been around now for over a decade and I still see multiple posts in trade every day. and yes the rmt issue needs to be handled its getting old especially as a guide I can see they are all posting from a baby murloc lvl 1 account. punish the advertisers and punish the guilds using these services.


what have i done i have reported the rtm boost scams and they keep popping up
and the new report system will be more abused then help


one would think that blizzard can easily track these advertisers especially the ones in trade using lvl 1 fresh accounts. whisper them see the auto-reply linking some website and go from there. Also as I stated in a reply to another poster punish the guilds that they are advertising for as clearly they are in cahoots with the rmt people.


How is smurfing and boosting in rated pvp not considered toxic? Because you are making money off token sales that’s ok?


Yeah I’ve had those notices thanking me as well, but I would love to right click report and not need to type additional info. Especially when I find a spot with 20 Druids swarming herbs like outside of Darkhaven in Revendreth or just west of ToP in Maldraxxus pre-flight.
Just a quick right click → bot and done, or right click → scam or RMT. Just to streamline things. I don’t want to spend a ton of time describing things when I’m trying to play although lately I’ve started to copy-paste when I see a lot of the same thing happening like the bot swarms.


please tell me my level 1 alt parked in stormwind isn’t a bannable offense


As long as it’s part of an actively played account you should be okay.
If it’s a second account just used to spam ads you’re going to get hit sooner or later.