An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

Maury was great too.

Someone recently sent me clips of “You are not the father!” compilations, I laughed for a good while.


Cash me outside girl was so dumb. Like brainless dumb lol

I didn’t, but I blocked their alt, as well. Odd how obsessed they are with wanting my attention, though lol

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In accordance with gender identity and muh feelz, “father” is derogatory. Reported…

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lol I think I remember that. Been so long since I watched it.

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Who’s making fun?

Speaking of fathers. Fathers day is coming. Be sure to wish your dads a good day everyone

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But for context just for you, here’s the title and some clips!

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The person I blocked twice, and you finding it “odd”, well, you used the Q word instead but moving on, how I (personally) won’t say it.

Days!!??? Days is hate speech offensive to months. Reported.

Oh noooo

Oh yeah it does. BUt yeah nothing no one says will ever change it.

I won’t speak on behalf of Sin, but mine was mere observation. Observation is not mockery.

Using the Q word to refer to my stance as “odd” is, even though I clearly explained why.

Then please explain what the filters are there for?

This is a bold face lie. My brother once had a punishment overturned when his language was reported, and it was overturned specifically because he did not avoid the profanity filter. The only reason the filter exists is so people can filter out language they do not wish to see. There is literally no other reason for this to be put in place.

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Maybe!! :rofl: :rofl:

But no it was a forced name change.

Maury and Jerry, despite it being staged was some funny moments.

“Your spouse has been cheating on you with ____________”

“Midget walks out, crowd cheers”

Ah the memories.

Why would I use a word, that I’ve been conditioned to use as an insult? Why is it “odd” for me to not want to hurl out insults?

Sounds like the plot to me, myself and irene lol

Oh lol I thought it was another account or something but that makes sense too.