Alliance development

Again its Bad writing Zerde stop highlighting this fact. Especially with Shandris trying sway Tyrande into accepting peace with the Horde.

Besides she never signed it Zerde she refused because she didn’t believe the Horde would ever change she says as much to Anduin. She said she would sign it with the banshees blood simply because the horde couldn’t provide her that thus impossible to sign.

Mediocre? I’m pretty sure quite a few people with what I said judging by the like count. Also, betting that Blizzard will never do X because of Y reason has been a losing proposition for a while now.

My basis is what Blizzard has done with in the past. Destroy something people real like or at least passionate about and rebuild with something better or at least rebuild it period.

Your (current) five likes to my (current) thirteen likes? If you really want to appeal to popularity like that.

As I referenced before, you’re just Bizarro Ëlësåna.

let the Alliance blow up something of the Hordes then, let them care for once.

Zerde you post alot but you never get any support from many others.

Pretty much.

I am not appealing to popularity, the only reason I even mention that is to point out it is not “mediocre” by any sense at the very least. And clearly there are those who agree with my view of how whiny night elves fans are being right now.

Oh please, depending on the topic even Amadis has like some of the things I have said.

Never care if alot of people agree with with me. But it has always been clear there are people who has agree with alot of things I said. I’m not here to win any internet popularity. I am here to say my peace and let the chip falls wherever they have to.

Meh, I have seen the discord channel, I personally dont care what people say about me.

Mediocre in that your sad use of ad hominem didn’t undermine my point at all, and you actually spent more time undermining your own point instead. Even more sad that you’re trying to hop on the bandwagon of people having been tired of Night Elf complaint threads to save face in light of your attempted mockery being called mediocre.

Psst. I’m tired of them, too.

I can agree and disagree with people on different topics. As reference earlier, I disagree with Carmageddon all the time. And sometimes I like Carmageddon’s posts.

You sure took being called mediocre personally.

Your point was nothing but a pity party with a dash of human potential thrown into it. 1) it is nothing new and gets old quite fast. 2) my post was about how I think the night end up as an actual positive development down the line, most likely with a new night elven capital as an expansion draw. Yours is nothing than another jaded view of what you think will be the next slight to night elven fans.

Lastly, considering you didnt even call it mediocre until after I mocked you, I am not sure how you managed to come to the conclusion I am bandwagoning. Btw, I have been getting annoyed by night elven fans for quite a while.

As I rule, I avoid mocking anyone who like something about the Alliance(I dont even join Gnome punt threads, nearly most of the time) but certain night elven fans make that near impossible.

And that is my point, I say whatever the hell I want. Your free to like it or not but don’t for a second thing my opinion isn’t shared by at least by a handful of other people.

Personally? Not really. At best I just find the concept laughable from you.

Your Argument generally come down to “i want to remain the white knight morally superior faction” You come to the defense of the writing although it has been badly received by large swathes of the player base.

If you can’t add anything to the discussion you simply boil down to ridiculing other posters and posting your head cannon.

The point of this thread is hoping that blizzard become with the large amounts of dissatisfaction of the player base and improve the direction and writing for the story for all involved.


Your admiration for Lion’s Rest got old way before the War of the Thorns was even announced.

That’s the dumbest part of Lion’s Rest. They knew they were going to do BfA next and knew they needed to put the Night Elves somewhere, and instead of rebuilding the Park, they wasted that space on “an aesthetically pleasing lion thematic.” Unless you want to argue the pumpkin patch was aesthetically pleasing as well.

I called your attempt out as mediocre once you openly admitted that all your post was was an attempt at mockery in the light of my accusing you of letting my references go over your head.

As a rule, I will make fun of you any time you try to use Lion’s Rest as a reference for what is a good replacement for Night Elf areas such as the Park.

The only one who interpreted being called mediocre as someone saying that not even a handful of other people agree with you was yourself. That was just you projecting your own insecurities. As was this. I called you mediocre in that your post was insufficient and poorly executed as a form of mockery. Which has nothing to do with people agreeing with you or not.

I’m not sure anyone’s called me mediocre on these forums before, so not sure what you’re laughing at.

To be fair, I want this, too, so I can’t fairly make fun of Zerde for that.

Guys, bring it back to the topic. Making fun of one another isn’t going to work for either of you.


This is fair. I’m done here. I will not respond to Zedre any further here. Sorry for derailing.

As I have said I dont particular care about a large swath of the player base, or really opinion aside from my own. Personally I want a certain story for the Alliance, and yes it mean we get mostly white knighted(although as I have said before I dont think the Alliance are angels, just alot better than the Horde).

The entire park district was a human district with only a moonwell and a few lamps post even symbolizing any night elven presence. Ultimately, I think down the line I expect the night elves will get something that will replace Teldrassil/any proverbial slight to the night elven fan base. At the very least a true new capital.

But that is thing, it never went over my head and personally I saw it for what it was, another sad pity party about how human potential is apperently ruining the night elves.

If anything the Lion’s rest was done as a replacement for a portion of a HUMAN CITY that was lost.

I dont think it was poorly executed or insufficient. Look, Blizzard had a reason for what they did. Your free to like that reason or not, but I doubt the first thing on their mind when designing lion’s rest was “how can we screw over night elves” and more like “how can we make the new park area as beautiful as possible”.

My point was you said I was bandwagoning to save face for being called mediocre, I was openly mocking you long before that line of action happened.

Oh, I dont know, I personally think its kinda fun. But fine we can move on.

When does this happen for what the Horde did to Teldrassil?


When the music, cinematography, and text framed it as a very bad thing that nobody in the game actually celebrates. Followed by Sylvanas becoming the expansion’s villain, with the player spends the rest of the expansion assisting one Horde leader after another as they turn on Sylvanas and eventually overthrow her- losing Saurfang in the process so he can “atone”.


As a horde player you still have the loyalist option though that puts you into the immersion that everything you and the horde did was morally right and not questionable at all.

The loyalist route most definitely doesn’t paint you as morally right. It just lets you be on the nominal side of the villain in what amounts to scenes and gameplay 99% the same as the default route.


Loyalist is the default route.



I just did the quest line recently and even though I chose to ‘not betray my warchief’ it put me in Saurfangs camp for SoO2.

Considering that the loyalist quests were added later, what gives you that idea?