All hunters should unsubscribe immediately

yeah tbh not sure how much the 80% to 50% will affect the wind serpent on the focus either it’s still pretty damn fast regen. People gotta wait and see!

Mages can literally do the same thing.

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The best spec got nerfed

The other low performing specs got a love tap but are still behind what bm rune was before its nerf.

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Aren’t their tears delicious?

This explains why I see so few Hunters in game.

Oh wait.

Lacking a healing or tanking spec and being “pure” is meaningless. Ignoring the fact that hunter pets have proven themselves more than capable of tanking in BFD, it’s simply stupid to claim you should be the best DPS because it’s all you can do. A fire mage can only dps, the fact that they could heal with a different spec and runes is irrelevant to that fact. Very few classes/specs are actually capable and fulfilling more than one role at the same time.

/10 characters

I would unsubscribe because they are expecting 3 months of subs for 1 month of content.

Whomever thought level 25 was good for over 2 months is just leeching money. Made the mistake of paying for 3 months, wont be making that mistake with a blizzard product again.

What other measurable performance metric is there? If you can solo a mob? If you can kill a specific class? Sounds like a load of crap really.

These sooks were complaining about the front loaded 2 hits, that won’t change with a focus regen change.

No, the nerf of bm rune. Affects how much pve content a hunter can solo. Who cares about pve anyway

PvP desirability / win-rate.

Two things I am still sub
Sod is new, we love new content to classic wow, bad or good ppl want to try it.
Alt servers don’t support steam deck yet. Once they do, who knows

wahhhhhhhh… lmao

Ok show me the data.

Already ahead of you brother. I unsubscribed last night citing similar reasons. It doesn’t feel good from a player perspective to constantly receive nerfs.

Hunter is the only remaining pure DPS class and even before this last round of nerfs, rogues & warriors are tied or outcompeting them. Instead of nerfing hunters, how about buffing other classes? Or fix the PVP imbalance from which I assume these nerfs are originating from.

BM class fantasy is evaporating away which certainly doesn’t feel like the spirit of SoD.

I read that SoD hunters are weaker compared to their similarly geared Classic era counterparts. Not sure if this 100% true but bonkers if this is the case.


There’s your data.

Blizzard nerfed, and Blizzard nerfs when it has the data to say that they’re overperforming, therefore we know that Blizzard has the data they were overperforming.

What other class who gets the nerfed bat and cries ? Hunter class is one of biggest class that most players play and when the class gets nerfed , the whole community cries in pain.

More like there’s your circular logic.