All hunters should unsubscribe immediately

Solo bad undergeared players. Most good players that have a cc like fear, hibernate, poly, nova should be able to easily cc hunter pet and kill the hunter. Which is why hunter didnt do well in the dueling tourny

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I mean… hunters are pretty laughably OP in a lot of the content. Actually not even hunters just their lil personal raid trash pets.

No class has been more abused and attacked?

Try Ret in Era.

Most PvP you engage with in SoD will not be 1v1s.

Most fights i got into was 1v1 in open world farming, all except wsg.

Hunter is a noob stomper, good playera can easily beat them

They nerfed explosive shot by like 70% or something.
If its 25dmg, a 25% buff is what, 31.25 dmg? Woo!

Pets are half or over half of any hunters damage, all of those useless shots take up the bm slot.

I usually just see death squads battling it out. There are occasional 1v1’s and as far as hunters are conserned they are mad easy to beat. But those serpents do sooo much dmg when they really shouldn’t be.

Agreed bm being op is never fun for pvp for the masses

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It wasn’t even fun to play. Hunter was my first 25 and I just had to drop it.

Pets are still way too strong after the nerfs.

Which nerfs are u talking about?

youtube. com/watch?v=HGetZtlMZLA

Sure, hunters were fine, right?
It’s his fault for getting 2 shot, he should have CC in that one global he had to react…

:thinking: The guy he attacked had Rez sickness. Not saying them pets aren’t beefy, but… c’mon now.

How do I help a hunter unsubscribe? I want to expedite this process.

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They are just prepping for the next phase. BM hunter pets in phase 2 with Beastial Wrath would, and probably will still be, too strong. Feel free to quit if you want, I’ll take your place…

Same, canceled my subscription and canceled pre-order of War Within, I’m done with Blizzard whole heartedly.


are you sure they are prepping for phase 2? Cause I’m pretty sure people are still losing their minds about pets lol. We’re going to get hit again next phase. Just watch.

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12 new runes and only 1 ability worth using is a JOKE. The SOD devs have absolutely no clue what they are doing when it comes to hunter, which is a shame considering many of the other classes are quite enjoyable. I just wish they had spent 10% of the time on hunter that they did on mage. It’s been a half-baked MESS for the past 6 weeks! A full on disaster that I have no faith will be improving any time soon sadly.


Yeah if prepping for p2 why do it this far before p2 lol.
They’re constantly nerfing it because bads cant handle figuring out how to unbind s and use abilities. They also have no idea that being full greens and backpeddling, isnt going to beat someone in full bfd gear.

Just imagine that 30% attack speed and then bestial wrath p2, I give it 2 days max before bads cry.


Oh no, who will pull extra mobs now?

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