All hunters should unsubscribe immediately

Wrong. /10


Do you know how much more you’ll be doing? 0 because if you change from BM rune to Chimera it’s still a loss.

That is not correct, pets do not get a 30% ap buff. its more like 1.14 so 4% more from the hunters 20% more stats. mostly negligible.

Calm down nancy, hunters are still one of the most powerful classes in the phase. Shaman were the most poorly treated class this phase but you’d be hard pressed to find a topic about it in the sea of whining posts made by hunters.

I was unaware of this anyone have a source for this?





I’m totally sharing your post with a buddy of mine, considering his green geared Hunter can outperform his BIS warrior in almost every context other than raid dps (which doesn’t matter because the raid is incredibly easy).

0/10 troll post.

Shaman is one of the best tanks now.
They did bring the class from half ot to a raid mt. That was the intention tho.
In the same logic they were supposed to bring melee hunters live. Now hunter is a class with two useful runes……

Yeah they should. Nothing of value would be lost.

? Yeah I don’t care about things that don’t matter.

PvP performance is pretty much the one thing that does matter. You have things flipped bub.

Nah, pvp is a gimmicky bit of side content like pet battles. I’d prefer they just delete hunter’s ability to pvp and keep pve separate if that’s something they’re largely balancing around.

lol PvP doesn’t matter in SoD, or Retail. It’s the minigame inside of the game.


And yet Blizzard is quite clearly tuning around it so your opinion is irrelevant. You, or that other guy, are not the decider. Big Boss Aggrend is, and he has decided PvP matters, so you can sit down.

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Shaman just have broken threat generation. Warriors are still kings of dps tanking, and for a class that scales with gear, a geared warrior would be the preferred tank for a group of sweaters.

Melee hunters are still top 5 dps in logs. You really have no room to complain. Speaking of tank warriors, their dps is higher than both of my dps specs.

Man you have 10 classes in total. And a pure dps class is no5…… something wrong there


Hunters can solo level 18 elite mobs while they are level 25, yes. The way you worded your post made it sound way more devious though.

Sus, can’t tame Hydras in SoD.

Unless you meant a Wind Serpent or something.

Hydras only exist as pets in retail.

Yes please, unsub or reroll, there’s too many FOTM Hunters, WAY too many.

Housse, housse, go away, FOTM players are cringe.