All hunters should unsubscribe immediately

In the entire history of World of Warcraft, no class has been so abused and attacked than hunter in SoD. In the entire month since SoD has come out, Hunter has been nerfed 13 times.

The development team of 20 people has spent its entire month of resources nerfing hunters. They have produced no other content other than nerfing hunters.

Here is a total list of hunter nerfs:

  1. All bow damage nerfed by 33% from vanilla values
  2. Lone wolf from 25% to 15%
  3. Chimera from 125% to 85%
  4. Explosive shot from 75 damage to 25
  5. Scorpid poison changed from 90 to 13
  6. Attack power scaling/health scaling reduced from 22.5% to 12.5% on pets
  7. Kill command only works with bite, claw
  8. World buffs only apply to 30% of the hunters damage (no pets)
  9. Wind serpent scaling reduced
  10. BM Hunter rune 33% nerf
  11. Hunter pets no longer benefit from spell damage
  12. Flanking strike can miss/dodge/be blocked
  13. Hunter pets no longer benefit from wild strikes

Am I missing anything?

There is zero reason to play this game as a hunter. In every expansion and in every patch there is a hunter nerf. In WOTLK for the entirety of WOTLK hunter pets were unable to attack other players in arena in half of the maps. In TBC, the gnomish net was removed which was the only thing that made hunters viable otherwise you could never get an auto shot off.

In no version of the game have hunters ever been viable.

None of the runes do anything. Its a 10% stat boost rune on the chest, 20% pet damage rune on the gloves and none of the leg runes do anything. Once you factor in the fact bow damage was nerfed by 33% from original values, you are actually just doing OG vanilla hunter damage and have no new buttons to press. The class does NOTHING NEW and NO NEW DAMAGE.

Its time to permanently unsubscribe and delete the hunter class from the game.

I have just unsubscribed on both accounts.


Nah. 10chars


Hunters received a net buff today unless you play eyes of beast spec.


and nothing of value etc


feral druids from patch 2.0.10 say hi.

So overnerfed were the ferals they couldn’t even tank normal 5 man dungeons anymore. A hot fix had to be implemented to adjust that. Blizzard then tried to claim that the feral nerfs were based on “internal testing” and not just forum QQ from warriors upset over having to compete for a main tank spot. But so obvious was the brokenness and need for a hot fix that ANY amount of testing, internal or otherwise, would’ve caught it and prevented the need for the hotfix.

Just proving that nerfs are based off of forum QQ.


is there a reason you didn’t name the buffs as well?


It’s funny because the SoD devs are like, “We don’t wanna balance anything, we just wanna wait and see, just have fun with the runes!”

looks at Hunters being changed every week


Today’s changes look to be an improvement for the hunter, especially in PvE.


Why are hunters always crying after getting to abuse a brokenly overpowered class for over a month and play the game on easy mode?


Overall big nurf. Still no readon to use the outher two shots…


Still easiest class to play. Bm rune destroys stuff for you. Started hunter a few days ago and its amazing. Only bad thing that phase 2 is a month late
Upd. Sub ran out a few hours ago and i still can post lul


Its just incompetence. The other 2 shots are still horrid. Now BM Is horrid. Now the entire class is just a heaping pile of dog crap.

Everyone should just unsub who plays hunter so they listen to us.


meh after the first nerf to explosive shot you should’ve just prepared your alts, I already got my warrior to 25 pretty quickly after first nerf.

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What exactly is bm hunter “destroying”. Mages are soloing 300 mobs at once.


Look don’t worry about that. I wanted to see if I can have your stuff?

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Warriors do enjoy a level 1 passive nerf immunity on account of the devs play them.


You can post until you log out iirc

No they haven’t. They got a flat damage nerf.


4th in dps pve

absolutely murdered by locks and druids…

How many druids you see running around in pvp???

Seems like they needed shot buffs and pets needed to be left where they were


Yeah, the pets sure have caused some changes.
And I’m fine with them.
See you next phase.

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