[A]<Diligent> 10/10 H is recruiting all DPS for Mythic progression!

We are a progression focused guild that is laid-back in approach; we are serious in what we do, but we also realize real life comes first. Our guild has been around since 2009.

We are actively recruiting for Castle Nathria! We are recruiting all DPS Mythic progression. We raid T/W 8-10:30pm server. We are not currently looking for tanks/heals for raiding; however, there is always the potential for backup tanks/heals being needed. Having an OS ready to go is extremely helpful.
If you are applying to join our raid team, we will be pulling your logs and reviewing them. Please make sure you are following mechanics for boss fights while pushing your DPS.

Mythic Keys
We are recruiting all roles for Mythic Keys. Guildies ask throughout the week for runs, so we have no set groups or times. Please make sure you research what is optimal for your toon if the group is trying to push higher keys.

We do require Discord for our voice chat, and a working mic for boss mechanics that require call-outs (you don’t have to talk in Discord the rest of the time if you are uncomfortable). Please also make sure you have the app on your phone. If there is a last minute emergency and you are unable to raid, you can let us know ASAP so we can make accommodations in time for raid.
There are sections in our Discord for needed addons and WA addons to raid. Once you join, please check those out and install. Any guild updates are also posted.
Our Discord is used both for pushing content and social. It really depends who is on at the time. Feel free to hang out!

Don’t raid or run keys? No problem!
Our guild is always open to those of all levels and experience that want to join just to hang out in guild chat or Discord while leveling, questing, mount hunting, or achievement grinding.

Wrap Up
If I forgot to talk about anything you are curious about, just whisper me in-game or send in-game mail! My main is Aeówynn (alt 162). I look forward to hearing from you!:wink:

still recruiting ^.^

Are you recruiting tanks at all?

Hi! We’re recruiting backup tanks for raiding, and all tanks for mythic keys. I’m not sure if that is what you’re looking for?

Looking for a MT/OT slot, thank you! let me know if a tank spot opens 4/10M 10/10H

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Are you recruiting any casuals?

yes we are ^.^