223 ILVL Shadow Priest LFG

Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a weekday only guild (Mon-Fri) who is ready to start raiding in Heroic/Mythic difficulty. Currently 10/10H with AOTC. Looking to get into Chains of Domination raid. Looking to raid around 9pm server time as far at 11:30pm server max 12am.

About myself: I use to be a hardcore raider back in Cataclysm/MOP but took a break due to school/Work. I now have time to raid again but don’t want to take from my weekends if possible.

What I bring to the table: I am currently 223 ilvl as a shadow priest with 235ilvl legendary and off spec heals (225 legendary) as well (holy mainly but can disc). I am someone who research new bosses well and is always prepared for raid. I am very competitive but also love to push people to do better. I am able to help out where needed and can go heals if needed as well.

If you need phases I can provided them as well. Thank you!

PS: I like to run Mythic+ a lot on my downtime :slight_smile:

If you have questions please reach out to me or add my BTag: Thurick#1243

Hi! I’m not sure if we are what you are looking for, but here is out post: [A] 10/10 H is recruiting all DPS for Mythic progression! - Stormrage - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Also sent u a btag friend request ^.^

Bump the way up

Double bump, GOOOOODD guy was on my raid team till we broke up due to only being an AOTC guild. BTW geezy me and snowballs are looking too, warrior tank and enhance/ele shaman would love to raid with you again bud (btw this is lukova my name change on the warrior hasnt gone through yet)

Heck yea man! I would love to raid again with you guys.

Unphased, a sorta kinda-striving-to-be hardcore Alliance guild on US-Stormrage, is currently recruiting casual yet focused, dedicated raiders. We’re currently 10/10 H and looking to fill our roster with a few more like-minded individuals to round out a full 20 man roster for mythic progression and future raid tiers. Our hope is to achieve mythic kills in a fun environment where we take the boss pulls seriously but acknowledge the need for laughter and fun when we can. We’re looking for reliable players who can attend many, if not all, raid nights. While we are in need of both ranged and melee dps, we’re always happy to have experienced raiders from any class or role.

Interested players should meet the following:
Past raid experience, class knowledge, interest in growing as a player, knowledge of basic raid mechanics.

Currently recruiting the following:
Affliction Warlock
Balance Druid
Mage (All specs)
Priest (All specs)
Will gladly consider any experienced and knowledgeable players

Current Castle Nathria Progression:
10/10 H

Raid Times:
Friday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST
Saturday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST

Battlenet: Aprialia#1336, Zach#1510
Discord: Aprialia#7493

Mirrored Reasoning is currently recruiting dps. We are 10/10H 3/10M
We raid Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30PM EST
We do not consistently farm the last four bosses on Heroic, but sometimes we do go back and kill them.
If you are interested in more information, please contact me via battle tag or discord.
BattleTag: Scarypriest#1255
Discord: Scarypriest#0162

Thank you and have a great day :slight_smile:

Recruiting all DPS (preferably Boomkin, Fire Mages, Windwalker, and Rogue) & DPS w/ OS Tank

Please have logs ready to link for review

Leadership has cutting edge retail experience in a top 50 guild.

Our core group of raiders have AOTC on CN, and deep mythic raiding experience in past tiers. We’re 10/10H CN and 6/10 Mythic CN. We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 9pm - 12am EST. We stress good communication, teamwork, and flexibility for progression (we run a bench for optimal fight comps). Attendance is also important for both raid nights.

We run mythic+ keys nightly, and usually have multiple groups running. A majority of our players have high IO scores. We work together to help gear our members in preparation of raid nights.

If you would like to apply please let me know and we can chat in game about it, or on discord.

You may also apply here: Dawn Breaker - guild app

Message me on discord: SainT#2238

Recruiter - SainT#12153(Bnet) / (Riddikulús = IGN)

GM - Arthilmorn#1787(Bnet)


Riddikulús, Recruitment Officer

Hello There! The [A] [Shanghai Zen Masters] [Stormrage US] is currently recruiting for Mythic Raid progression in 9.0 and 9.1 H>M raid prog!

We are a Semi-Hardcore guild that focuses on progging AOTC first and foremost for every tier, and then pushing Mythic at a nice steady pace. Besides raiding queue daily for pvp, M+, or transmog runs. We are an active community of players who just generally love playing together, with an active discord and awesome officers.

Progress: 10/10 N, 10/10 H (AOTC) Castle Nathria

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 10pm Est (Server Time)

Recruitment: Looking mainly for all RDPS and MDPS. Players who are flexible in changing specs from DPS to HEAL or TANK get extra points!

We are looking for players with a good attitude that are interested in joining our tight-knit community of raiders. You’re only expected to have good attendance for raid nights, be prepared for raid, and be able to accept constructive criticism when given.

Apply Here:
Any questions feel free to contact the GM or RO

You can contact our recruitment officer via:
B-tag: Smoothbrain#11992 Discord: Smøøthßrain#9409

You can contact our GM via:
B-tag: TrickyTree #1397 Discord: D-Matt#8870(edited)

Howdy! I’m Quick one of the Officers for Illicit. We def would be interested in you joining and when you are max level and properly geared and what not could def prolly give you a shot on one of our teams! Reach out to me in game - or on Discord if need be. You can also Whisper any member of Illicit to get hitched now -

Below if the info for Team Hades which is where I think you should start when ready

Team Hades :skull: (Heroic/Casual Mythic Raiding 3/10M)

:timer_clock: RAID TIMES: Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00-9:00 pm PT

:small_orange_diamond: This is our guild’s more relaxed, but still progressive raid team.
:small_orange_diamond: Some mythic raiding experienced is preferred
:small_orange_diamond: A history of performing well as an AOTC raider is required.
:small_orange_diamond: You should have an intermediate/advanced understanding of how to play your main class and spec in a raid environment.
:small_orange_diamond: Players will come to raid prepared having researched a progression encounter prior to raid time.
:small_orange_diamond: Players will must maintain their characters and continue to advance/gear them - “Team” mentality.

:small_orange_diamond: All healers are required to have a mythic-capable DPS spec or alt.

  • This means your DPS spec or alt will be able to perform in-line with the overall team’s DPS expectations.

:small_orange_diamond: Players on this team will be expected to reasonably keep up with their daily/covenant quests to continue improving for raid.

Hades Roster Needs:

Priority Role Spec Special Note
High Melee DPS Any Tank Offspec
High Ranged DPS Any


For more information or an informal interview please contact:
Ryme - Illicit GM/Recruiter (bnet: Ryry#11575)
Mook - Raid Lead for Apollo (bnet: mook#11893)
Addina - Raid Lead for Hades (bnet: yassyfresh#1204)
Quick - Recruitment Officer (bnet: QuickESQ#1651)

Looking for a guild that raids around 9pm server time :slight_smile:

Hey Lightjezus

About Us

Lets Get Wild was formed during Legion by a core group of friends who have mythic raided on and off together since WotLK. Our current progression is 3/10 H SD and we achieved 6/10M CN. In addition to our raid team we have an amazing community of players who enjoy running keys and just hanging out having fun. We pride ourselves on taking content seriously while still providing a low key and friendly atmosphere for everyone, from our mythic raiders to our friends and other community members.


We are currently recruiting for our mythic raid team for Shadowlands. Our primary need is for:
All Healers
Mage (high need)
Warlock (high need)
Priest (high need)
However, we are always willing to consider exceptional players of any role. Please look at our application link below for more information.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday 9:00pm-12:00am EST
Wednesday 9:00pm-12:00am EST
Thursday 9:00pm-1200am EST
invites go out 15 minutes prior

Raid Requirements

Know fights and class / spec
Learn quickly
Be positive and accept constructive criticism
Be responsible

What we offer:

Food / Flask / Repairs
Great raid environment
Quick progression
Fair loot
Achievement / M+ runs
Sense of Community

If I still have your attention, great! See the google form link below for our application. Please feel free to reach out via Discord with any questions!

forms.gle/5EiUtVwUoxa3h3M97 (please copy directly into your browser)


Elyanaris | Elyanaris#1914
Lachesis | Lachesis #2496 or Rora#1663 (btag)
Xto | BenjiBear#1111 (btag)

If you’re still looking for a raid team we would love to chat with you about joining ours.

We raid tues and thurs 9p-11p est/realm time.


We have earned AOTC every tier since Wod all while only raiding 2 hrs 2 nights a week.