10/10H MM Hunter LF Heroic Guild

Hello! My name is Nomñom, but most people call me Noms. My Ilvl is 215, and I am looking for a guild with the raid times starting at 8 eastern, preferable Monday through Friday!! My bnet is Baeorade#1782 and discord is Noms#7472, I am looking forward to hearing from you! I am currently looking for Heroic, but willing to dip my toes in Mythic

Sent ya a friend request we are Indecisive Gaming 10/10. We raid Mon & Wed 9-11p Server/EST. We do M+ and Tmog runs on off nights. We are seeing if we get enough people to also dip our toes into Mythic Raiding but our focus is AOTC. ultimate#1138 btag

Hi! I’m not sure if we are what you are looking for, but here is our guild info: [A] 10/10 H is recruiting all DPS for Mythic progression! - Stormrage - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


We are a fun first guild focused on AotC Heroic (9/10H) and would definately have a spot for you. We raid Tues/Thurs 8-10:30 pm est - with an optional raid on the weekends. Would be great to talk and see how closely our raid would fit with what you are looking for.

You can learn more about our guild here:

You can add me on BNET Real ID: Eventin#1487
On Discord: Sevenfold#7482
or you can talk to me in game: Sevenfóld

OMG we are just what you are looking for!

Discord Code: https://discord.gg/HyKfSr4QEV

Come join us!!!