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My current guild has become really inactive and I’m looking for a new one. Would like a guild that has at least 9/10H on farm. A casual mythic push would be cool too. Can work with any raid schedule but tues/thurs which I know limits options a lot. Hopefully there’s a good fri/sat or sat/sun guild out there looking for a boomkin.

BNet: Lendari#1501
Discord: Lendari#0948

Unphased, a sorta kinda-striving-to-be hardcore Alliance guild on US-Stormrage, is currently recruiting casual yet focused, dedicated raiders. We’re currently 10/10 H and looking to fill our roster with a few more like-minded individuals to round out a full 20 man roster for mythic progression and future raid tiers. Our hope is to achieve mythic kills in a fun environment where we take the boss pulls seriously but acknowledge the need for laughter and fun when we can. We’re looking for reliable players who can attend many, if not all, raid nights. While we are in need of both ranged and melee dps, we’re always happy to have experienced raiders from any class or role.

Interested players should meet the following:
Past raid experience, class knowledge, interest in growing as a player, knowledge of basic raid mechanics.

Currently recruiting the following:
Affliction Warlock
Balance Druid
Mage (All specs)
Priest (All specs)
Will gladly consider any experienced and knowledgeable players

Current Castle Nathria Progression:
10/10 H

Raid Times:
Friday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST
Saturday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST

Battlenet: Aprialia#1336, Zach#1510
Discord: Aprialia#7493

Virge sent ya a friend request. Im with Indecisive Gaming we are AOTC focused, run raids Mon & Wed 9-11p w/ plenty of keys on non raid nights. Btag: ultimate#1138

Fusion is a core group of friends who have raided every tier together since Legion, and some who go all the way back to raiding ICC together. We are a semi-casual group who likes to have fun, but we also like to down sh*t, reach AOTC and push into mythic content. We are at 10/10H CN and hit AOTC prior to nerf. The slowing of content has left gaps in our rosters, so we’re looking to add some new recruits or combine with another guild that is interested and has similar values. We are looking for Healers, Tanks, DPS. Play whatever is fun for you. We hope that our guild will adapt to each other.

Guild: Fusion
Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance
Raid days/times: Current: Wed 8:30-10:30PM EST; 9.1: Wed/Sun 8:30-10:30PM EST
Atmosphere: Adult humor, laid back, a bit crass, Adult-friendly (life happens); 18+
Discord is required for raids, open for hangs

Contact Us:

Alces: Disc: Calamitymoose#9360 / Bnet: Moose#11314
Stang: Disc: stang#6206 / Bnet: Stang#1347
Kip: Disc: Fipple#7973 / Bnet: Pikul#1586
Noc: Disc: Nocnai#1806 / Bnet: nocnai#1397

If you’re still looking, check us out! [A] 10/10 H is recruiting all DPS for Mythic progression! - Stormrage - World of Warcraft Forums (

Hi Virge

Stardust would love to talk to you about raiding with us. We have an immediate need for a boomkin.

Sounds like our goals align! We have all of heroic on farm and reached 3/10M. Stardust falls in between the AOTC and CE buckets. We try to get through heroic content as soon as possible before working through as much of the mythic content as we can. This takes the pressure off, limits burn out, and makes the guild more sustainable for the long haul.

We raid Wednesdays and Sundays 8:30p-11:00p EST. While not your ideal, our guild does have a lot to offer, so please reach out to us and see if we are a good fit for you.

Shadizar, our GM and raid leader, is the best person to reach out to.
Battle Tag: Shadizar#1464
Discord: Shadizar#4380

Good luck in your guild search and hope to hear from you soon!


OMG we are just what you are looking for!

Discord Code:

Come join us!!!