Activision and Blizzard relationship

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If you want to know who is exerting more control over whom, just look at the officers of the holding company, Activision-Blizzard, and see how many of them were formerly from the Activision company, how many were formerly from the Blizzard company, how many were formerly from the King company, and how many were from outside those three companies.

Also, look at how many formerly Activision officers are now working at Blizzard and how many Blizzard officers are working at Activision.

The results may surprise many people.

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Let me hazard a guess, more Activision working in Blizzard than original Blizz-only employees?

This is why I love Taurens lol

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Activision-Blizzard is a stock holding company
Activision is an independent developer under that stock holding company
Blizzard is an independent developer under that sock holding company
King Games is an independent developer under that stock holding company
MLG is a Esports promoter under that stock holding company
Blizzard publishing (?) is an independent publishing company focused on movies, books, tv shows etc. under that holding company.


Activision is the Father, Blizzard is the son, and the player base is the holy ghost

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People who say Activision is controlling Blizzard are in denial about the fact that Blizzard alone is making dumb decisions about their games and has been for quite a long time.

Blizzard made the original D3. Blizzard decided e-sports would be their focus. Blizzard decided to narrow the focus of WoW and stretch content with tricks and gimmicks. I mean, I could go on. Point is: Blizzard is not who you think they are.

Not anymore.


This, but Blizzard publishes our own stuff. It’s not a separate entity. You could delete that last line and you’d nail it.

Bungie is splitting ways with Activision blizzard please do the same
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Kind of surprised that of all of the posts about the company a Community Manager decides to respond to what is essentially a Wikipedia entry.


Ythinsens, With all due respect
The fact that activision titles are appearing on the blizzard launcher says that there’s a lot more influence than I would have otherwise thought. Activision staff being transferred to blizzard and blizzard’s own private event, Blizzcon, being used to announce a Destiny 2 free event. This to me says that you guys are not as separate as we’d like to believe anymore. I see this as no different than you guys announcing a csgo f2p event. This tells me that you are no longer separate and especially given that mike stepped down says that you’re no longer the blizzard we loved, without any activision influence.

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So why does everyone keep saying “Activision is ruining Blizzard” if Activision doesn’t have anything to do with Blizzard?



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Because people have a tendency to make ill informed declarations about things and treat them as indisputable fact.


It’s called the Blizzard launcher. Not the Activision-Blizzard launcher, yet activision titles are appearing on it.

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Damn you guys complain when they don’t make comments and complain when they do. Geezzz.


The troll post has drawn forth a blue post…the fish will feed!


It is mainly the fact that there is a response to such a benign statement in the midst of a lot of confusion and disappointment.

It seems akin to stopping to comment on the generic wallpaper of a hallway… while you are on the top floor of a building that is on fire and in danger of collapse.


look a butterfly! (watch a blue post inc!)

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CM’s can only comment on game-things on the developers behalf. They are the go between. Perhaps pipe in to Q&A’s and so forth. I’m not sure what you expect the CMs to say about each and every doom and gloom the sky is falling post on GD.


Even assuming that to be true (which it looks like they would have broken that rule before), then we could have kept the silence going instead of the pointless entry.


Because they’re upset and they don’t know how companies work, that or trolling, you can guess which one it usually is. It’s usually legitimate complaints that are reaching for an irrational explanation.

I get why it happens, but I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t a little frustrating sometimes.

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I’d rather they post at least some of the topics than none of them. The topics related to what’s causing player disappointment are far too touchy for them to easily make blue posts over.

When they post on a topic, and you complain that they’re not talking about the topic you want them to talk about, it encourages them to talk less not more.


This at least has some substance to it and touches on the larger issue seen in the forums and Internet at large.