Account Temporarily Banned Appeal ticket not even acknowledged

I am reaching out in frustration after following and waiting through an appeal ticket which came with a lack luster response.

I took the time to write a full descriptive email, explaining that a ban I received on my account was not possible just since I have recorded video of every time my account has been logged into WoW in the last 3 months. What did I receive? A copy paste response telling me to basically get rekt.

I and we need real answers, I am not going to stand for a ban knowing full well I have never let ANYONE access my account other than me. This ban wave has affected many an innocent player just before a MAJOR patch.

We need answers and we need real responses. I have never experienced such dismissive CS response in my life and certainly not in 17+ years of WoW. I am an officer, a content creator, and a LONG time customer and I deserve some real answers. I know for a fact no one other than me has been on my account so PLEASE help me resolve this.

Please help us recover our accounts so we can continue to enjoy the game we always have.



You’ll want to resubmit an appeal, nothing can be done over the forums.


The copy pasta reply goes as follows;


A player on this account used a different game account to take part in exploitative play. As a result, we have suspended this account, and your game license is not available for play during this time.

For your reference, our team has double checked your account and this penalty has already been upheld. Any further requests on this topic will not be reviewed.

If someone has the bad behaviors but he hasn’t received the penalty, then it means the penalty is on his way. We don’t allow the players to break the rule!


Blizzard Entertainment

Which is wording I got from an auto generated response from earlier in the ticket about the wrong reasoning being sent out.

The more of you who really DID do nothing, and appeal with all the details you can think of, the more likely that Blizzard will figure out there is a lot of “false flagging” (if that is the case.)

So that is all you can do.

I have trouble believing that this number of players all shared accounts, or had a third-party service they paid to do the Mage Tower for them. If it was just a COUPLE of people claiming innocence, then I’d be more likely to believe they were fibbing.

I would appeal with:

  1. Whether or not your IP is static, or somewhat static but could possibly change.

  2. Whether or not it is possible that someone else on your same “node”, or in the same apartment building, could possibly use the same ISP (which might not always be a “static IP”) and might also play Wow.

  3. Whether or not a spouse/SO/Friend/whatever ever comes to your place, or you ever go to theirs, and plays Wow there.

  4. Whether or not you play over a VPN, with it being possible that some other times a different Wow player might also be playing over the same VPN (since it is random, as to what IP address you get.)


You could also honestly detail what you think may have caused it here. The more info CS blues get, the higher the chance they eventually figure out if there is lots of “false flagging.” Just saying, “I’m totally innocent and there is no way they could have detected this!”, is probably not going to help.

You got a TEMPLATED response, not an auto generated one. There is a difference.


Okay sure “templated” regardless not a REAL response and still copy pasta.,


Like they are going to tell someone who streams every session of WoW , meaning they have recorded proof of them using their account every time its logged in that SOMEHOW that’s not them playing. Makes zero sense.


It is a real response. The fact you got a templated response, means someone looked at your appeal.

You don’t get to argue your case with appeals, all an appeal does is a new set of eyes go over the logs and data and make sure the action was applied properly.

Appeal it… or roll over. Again, nothing can be done over the forums.


No offense I am reaching out to blizzard CS not you. Thats what this forum is for under customer service. Thank you for your input though

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Too bad, this is a player to player help forum. If you want to reach out to Blizzard, you submit a ticket.

You are not gonna glean any details on your supsension on the forums.


To touch on this - Blizzard only uses their own data. Screenshots, videos - all of this is external data that can be manipulated. I’m not saying that you did in your case, but that it’s not anything they will consider.

As for your appeal and everyone else? It’s not something for players to plead their cases. It’s for a wholly new set of eyes to look over everything. But! The good thing is you can appeal until they tell you no more appeals will be heard.

I will also add that not even Blizzard is perfect and they say as much. Unfortunately, there may be times when a new algorithm sweeps through that false positives come back. Blizzard has absolutely in the past had this happen, and they did rectify it. I would say have patience. The system works, even if it takes time. Once it’s cleared up, if it is indeed a false positive? Then you can request your time lost back.

Does it suck that it’s right before a new patch? Absolutely. But those who did in fact cheat or break the rules? It’s a stinging lesson they’ll remember that these things do get noticed and sanctions will indeed follow. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be innocents caught in the mix, and while it sucks it happens at all - the number of true false positives in relation to those actually guilty is a small percentage.

I do wish you luck in your appeals, OP.


As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site .


Customer Support is not Customer Service. This is indeed a forum for players to help other players. And any player with a subscription and an account in good standing can post on any forum they choose. In fact, there are absolutely no GMs, Devs, QA, Hacks or any other staff member that comes to this forum outside of our SFAs. And our SFAs are here more as a help desk deal. They pop in when and where they can to offer information and insight and to keep us hoodlums in line.

They have nothing to do with the ticketing process.


Poor choice to be trolling on the most heavily moderated forum there is. Non-constructive posts don’t last long and neither do their posters if they keep at it.

No, they really cannot and should not. That falls under that whole rule of not discussing sanctions or sit here spitballing the hows whys and whats when it serves no purpose. The staff that does the investigations and all of that do not come here. It’s all conjecture when we don’t have Blizzard’s logs so we don’t know what or even when they’re looking at.


Thank you for a heartfelt and helpful response.

I only highlight the recordings as a point of showing my innocence really.

Its incredibly reckless of them to have false positives like this. I have my second appeal in and will appeal everyday for 30days if I have to.

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I would advise against that sooner or later blizzard will say enough is enough and lock ur ticket making ability if they refuse to lift ur ban.

Just a forewarning; when they get to the point of saying ‘no more appeals will be handle about this’ and you keep putting in tickets about it, you’re going to get action for GM harassment.

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not a big fan of this ban wave since it looks like a lot of people with VPNs or simply “suspicious” behavior are getting banned over conjecture and theories rather than solid evidence of a ToS violation. but what can you do, I’ve seen this before. even with almost irrefutable proof that it’s just a VPN or ISP making it seem like an account share these don’t get overturned a lot of the times from what I’ve seen in the past.

I don’t like it, the idea of innocent players being caught in the crossfire is yucky to me. But what can you do, blizzard will do what they want to do :confused:

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This is where I am at. The only thing I think off is went on vacation in Florida a couple of weeks ago and logged in from my laptop there. (I live in NYS for reference). But obviously that was me using my account on my computer so thats not a legit account issue.

I guess it is what it is. If blizzard refuses to acknowledge they are wrong what can I really do.

It’s just sad they let these things have false positives and refuse to correct those errors.