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Is there anyway to contact support in any direct way?

I was randomly banned yesterday and it has been well over 24 hours with no explanation or information. I appealed the ban instantly as I was actively playing with my brother when it happened. I see many other users have also been incorrectly banned. What is going on here? I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and never experienced this kind of customer support.

Is there no way to contact customer support directly?

Yes via a ticket.

As for your suspension, you have to wait til it’s been reviewed, nothing can be done to force it to go faster.


No, there isn’t.

All you can do is appeal and keep appealing until they tell you to stop.


No, being able to circumvent any kind of line would kind of defeat the purpose of having a line in the first place. The only contact point for an appeal is to submit a ticket.


Even when there was a call in number, it was never for an appeal.

The ONLY thing you can do is appeal the accounr action and be patient.

Edit. Man you are all fast haha.


Okay, so we just submit the ticket and wait. Are we refunded game time when we are found innocent?

That is a question you can ask upon a successful appeal as I honestly don’t know the answer. I speculatively am guessing yes you get your game time back though.

Pure speculation on my part though.

I can’t guarantee it, but usually if an action is found to have been made in error and it has been several days it is very possible.


Lol. that is a very soft response. Is there no precedent from prior mistakes?

Just so I understand… Blizzard makes a ban wave mistakenly banning dozens of accounts (judging by the reports of people being reinstated). They then force you to wait in line as their system gets flooded because of their erroneous banwave. While you wait in that line, you are being denied the service that you pay for. After being in that line and denied service for days, Blizzard tells you that they can’t guarantee refunding gametime that they caused you to lose. But, fear not! They assure you that it is usually very possible?

I don’t mean to come at you personally Vrakthris, but is this an accurate representation of what’s going on?

If that is accurate, this is certainly the worst customer service experience I’ve had with the company. Thankfully my encounters are far and few between.

Not really, no. It’s an accurate representation of what I can tell you, Hugz. Sometimes mistakes are made and we do what we can do to correct those mistakes, which is absolutely true.

However, you asked a specific question, something I can’t really give specifics on. Basically, I can’t say X = Y, because what X represents isn’t always clear and therefore it will change Y.

If I give a definitive response it may cause confusion because it can’t accurately represent a policy that is internal. So, I provide what certainties I can.


Understood. I appreciate your quick responses, Vrakthris.

I was expecting if X = an account that was mistakenly suspended, then Y = compensated game time.

I understand you can’t speak in certainties and I recognize there might be some gray area in classifying X. Again, I appreciate your quick responses while the Appeals Team is getting shelled.

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I’d also caution against trying to read between the lines. The blues here give what information and insight they’re able. They tend to avoid imparting any subtext, preferring to speak plainly.