[A] TnK Heroic Raiding Community, 8-10 East T/W

The Takusan no Kozuchi alliance raiding community is looking to recruit some new members to return to the 2/3/9 raid composition for the upcoming raid (July 6). We raid two nights a week, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8-10 Eastern. In previous expansions our progression is to fully clear heroic for each raid, however due to several members taking a WoW break and some other complications, only half of our team has that progression (if you’re looking our runs up).

What we are looking for:
We are looking to recruit one to two healers, and a few dps. Some classes we are particularly looking for are warrior, priest, mage, hunter, and warlock, but all will be considered.


  • 25+ years old.
  • Willing to talk on discord if required for the fight. We’d love for you to feel welcome to socialize with us, but as a bare minimum all players are expected to have a working mic for when fights require it.
  • Easygoing. As a general rule we do not rage or scream at each other when pulls go wrong, we work to address the problem and figure out how to make it work next time. Ultimately, we’re all here to have fun and kill bosses.
  • Thick skin. There is sometimes a lot of good-natured but occasionally adult-themed banter. If either will make you uncomfortable then our team might not be the best fit for you.

About us:
In various forms the TnK community has been running content together since Vanilla. Some of us (myself included) joined the group in Legion and BfA. The group is loosely based in a guild on Mannoroth. Our server is merged with Blood Furnace, Nazjatar, Azgalor, Azshara, Thunderlord, and Destromath. This is a raiding community, however, and joining the guild is not required, even if you are on one of our merged servers. We have players from a variety of guilds/servers.

Our progression is usually to start on normal, full clear it, do a combination of normal and heroic, then move to full heroic. As we only raid four hours a week we try to make that time count, and accept that we obviously will not progress through content nearly as quickly as teams running six+ hours a week. 10 PM Eastern is usually a solid cutoff, we rarely go more than five minutes over.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please reply here or reach out either to me at
Lunesse#1720 / Lunesse-Mannoroth

or to our community/raid leader
Crypticburn#1684 / Crypticburn-Mannoroth

Looking forward to hearing from you!

8/6/21 Several spots filled, please reach out only via battletag or in game if you are still interested as I’ll no longer be checking this page.

Send a friend request to Lunesse#1720 and Crypticburn#1684. TY

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