[A - RP Community] Church of the Holy Light

It is a dark time for the people of the Alliance. With N’zoth’s shadow falling across Azeroth, the fractured and broken nature of the Church of Light has become truly evident. Some leaders - including the archbishop himself - have been corrupted by the dark whispers and the lure of dark bargains with the Old Ones. Other leaders have been taken by the promises of coin and power, striking bargains with the undead and turning a blind eye to foul sorcery on holy ground. Political games are played out within the Council of Bishops, the once-prestigious group acting more like squabbling nobles than agents of the Light. All the while, the faithful waver in their dedication, praying for some reprieve from these machinations.
Still, hope is not lost- calls for reform have filled the halls of Northshire Abbey in recent months, and those still faithful to the Light organize to restore the honor and dignity lost over the years. What is more, the wayward chapters of the Silver Hand have pledged their hammers to this cause, banding together once more to banish the darkness from the church.
The call has been sent out- will you stand with them, and restore honor integrity to the Church of the Holy Light once more?

Hello, Moon Guard! We’re here to introduce the Church of the Holy Light project. This project has been in development for several months and we’re excited to finally introduce it to the realm.

CotHL is a community project on Moon Guard that focuses on coordinating fun, engaging, and lore-respecting plot lines set in the Warcraft universe that are based around Light themes and characters. This project is intended to act as a platform for networking and collaboration in holy RP on the server, and encompasses a number of guilds and groups to better represent the diverse and continent-spanning Church from before the destruction wrought in the Third War. What’s more, we hope to expand that diversity, and offer a place for the other races that have joined the Alliance since then.

The project’s major theme is restoring honor and integrity to the Church of Holy Light, which has been beset by troubles ever since Benedictus turned traitor. We draw somewhat on both RPG lore and past server canon/events for our background, but this organization is wholly new. Our project does not have any ties to the player-run Council of Bishops church that was prominent several years ago, as we want to present a fresh take on Holy Light RP. We plan on making this project accessible through public roleplay events and plot lines and avoiding the trap of writing excessive church doctrine and scripture to keep the barrier of entry low.

We intend to host a number of events in the near future for roleplayers to join in- recovering holy relics, lessons and teachings about the Light, and engrossing plotlines that we hope will reinvigorate larger interest in Light-based roleplay. We’ll also joining in server campaigns when we can, as well as participating in a number of different server events to give the Church a proper presence in the community. A number of immersive written and graphical resources have been created by participants in this project that members of the community may use in their roleplay.

CotHL operates through a discord server, the link for which can be found below. We also have an in-game community chat intended for in-game networking and using the calendar, but most of the action will be happening in this Discord.

We are looking for paladins, priests, inquisitors, and any other Light-faithful roleplayers, from Lightforged to human to gnome. Even those without holy powers are more than welcome to join us and hang out at Church events. If you roleplay a bishop or are a chapter master of a group of paladins, we’d especially love to get you and your diocese/chapter involved in our project.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/aVQN3Sd
Community Code: Wv7G9bPFyrM

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to individuals involved in this project, here are some Discord tags:

Hildira#5605 (moderator - that’s me)
Theudric#9682 (Speaker of the Holy Synod)
Zaria#4012 (project lead)
Quippy#6943 (Prefect of the Apostolic Chancery)


It’s allllllliiiiivvvvve.

This looks like a really fun way to revitalize Light based roleplay on the server. I’m looking forward to the roleplaying events and RP resources that are generated from this! It’s clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the presentation of this project and I’m eager to see more in-game. :european_castle:

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We have quite a bit being prepared for this next month to create and coincide with other server roleplay! Here’s a snippet from our first major announcement:

So far our game plan for the next month consists of:

Eden Mabry will be hosting the next Seminary session on the 2nd, and it will be on the virtue of compassion. Please come out and show your support! These take place bi-weekly on Sundays!

Theudric will be hosting a meeting on Wednesday the 5th as the first large scale meeting for the project. Give him a hard time and make him work at being a good meeting-runner.

I, me, Zaria, will be hosting a Silver Hand Council on Saturday, February 22nd to elect the first prefect for the Silver Hand to be the liaison to the Church. If you want to run for the spot, message me in the discord!

Theudric and Ulricus want to start doing some liturgies - and we’re hoping to make them more than just boring ‘shout at you sessions’. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

To tie into the Liturgy thing - We’re hoping to have our first during **Warcraft Conquest’s ** next campaign in Uldum, Shadow in the Sands. The campaign is based off the invasions and a lot of our members are also event developers in the Conquest project!

Marian Ridgewell and myself are going to be working on a Jousting Tournament for after Warcraft Conquest’s next campaign, and we’ll obviously have prizes for it (donations appreciated sub to my myspace).

We’ve had a really solid start thus far! Come join us, have a snack. We’re just starting off so there’s a lot of potential to make this something people want to dive into. :smiley: There’s plenty more to come!

Happy Purging!

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The seminaries I’ve attended were both fantastic! The way the audience is engaged in the seminaries makes them super fun, and I look forward to the next one.

You had me at Holy Light. Can I get a Deus Vult?

I come from the past to say these folks are pretty cool.

Want to get sidetracked and sack Constantinople with me?

Is there any room for an addled Scarlet Renegade?!

A renegade? Always love seeing people cast aside their old lives to do something new. Feel free to drop in :smiley:

So how are people who don’t participate in this “project” going to be treated while using the public church space? Last time this came around, it became no fun to play a priest anymore- anybody who didn’t subscribe to the project and its excessive fanon was ousted, called a heretic, and ignored.


We have no intention of kicking anybody out of the church areas in Stormwind or calling anybody a heretic that’s not a Scarlet Crusader or something. Many of our founders in the project have been pressured off of the public church space just last year and so we have no desire to turn around and do that same thing.

Considering the first virtue of the Light is Respect and the third Compassion, I’d like to hope everybody involved with this project should be treating everybody in those spaces well, whether they’re involved with us or not.

We’re not really here to take over Stormwind Cathedral-based roleplay anyway- our community wants to focus a lot on hosting events and generating active roleplay. Some of these have just been the bi-weekly seminary events that anybody’s invited to attend, so I’m hoping that shows a precedent of engaging with anybody in the community.


This is actually a good question.

The most important part of the Cathedral is that it’s a shared space, and apart of the mission here is to enrich that since people should want to be there and enjoy it. So for starters, any event run by the community is just an open, public event and they’re usually pretty ambivalent.

The last two sessions of Seminary were actually meant to set a design philosophy of what we’re wanting to accomplish, which is creating character discourse, and intrigue in an open space and having people engage a little more with the idea of being faithful to the Holy Light. Any events we make or write are meant for enrichment, and not authority.

For example, we have written work that compiles all the things a Knight of the Silver Hand would need to teach their squire. Having that doesn’t mean that someone outside the project, claiming to be a knight, isn’t acknowledged as one;or someone coming in needs to start fresh. Rather, it’s just so people who are interested in being a squire have a resource to start off from.

So overall we’re just hoping to add onto people’s roleplay, not shut them down. If there’s even one person who gets something from the community that builds on their roleplay - it’s worthwhile.

Hope that explains it well enough.

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I thought I’d pop in with some other FAQs.

I want to join, but I’m already a priest. Do I have to go through some kind of training under your project?

Nope. As it stands, if you’re a priest of the Holy Light, you’re welcomed to join and your status will be maintained! We’re here to make a home for roleplayers, not indoctrinate them. But do try the Fruit Punch.

Even though I’m not part of your project, can I still join in your events?

You are always welcome to join events! All of our regular events are open to the public, and it is always great to see new faces.

I’m not in the project and I’m a priest. Are you just going to ignore me?

Nope! We are here to create RP. Our project is a place to build relationships and enhance communication, but it isn’t the be-all-end-all of Church roleplay. We would love to have you though!

Why’d you make this project? Isn’t there already a Church project?

As Merellia said in the OP, we want to offer a fresh take on the holy RP community. We are hoping to offer a new set of events with new faces to hopefully expand the community and bring some life back to it!


The heroes of the Light venture to Gadgetzan with the Alliance to combat the evils that lurk in Southern Kalimdor!

Warcraft Conquest: Shadow in the Sands is going on from the 8th to the 18th, and the leadership of this project are taking an active role in running events, and making roleplay for the campaign.

BECAUSE most people involved with the project are deployed, the next Seminary that was scheduled for February 16th, will be moved and will take place on-field.

The next Seminary will be on the virtue of Tenacity, and will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th in Uldum.

We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming after the campaign is over! To learn more, join the Warcraft Conquest discord!

Warcraft Conquest Discord: https://discord.gg/gsbdHE9

A small bump for this thread! We’ve been bad at keeping it up. The Church has been very involved in the Uldum campaign and recently some of our members from The Bleak Spire have put on a battlefield sermon the other day.

As Zaria mentioned, the next Seminary is coming on Friday the 14th and will be hosted in Uldum! If you’d like to arrive IC to Uldum, portals will be opened for travelers that evening.

For characters interested in inquisition-type stuff, we have some of it going on in Uldum. We also will have a plot event to announce soon in that vein!

Hello . I am interested in joining , but I have a few questions .

Do you have any activity requirements ?
I am pretty busy in real life because of tabletop roleplay events i go to , and other real life commitments I have as well .

Hello Moon Guard! Tonight at 8pm is our Silver Hand council, the very first meeting of as many paladins as we can get together for this project. We’ll be talking about a whole lot of paladin things tonight, and selecting our leader for the next little while.

We do not! We’re a whole bunch of people who understand other commitments- many of our layers are tabletop gamers themselves, and also have guilds and lives. We’d love to have you.

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We now have a prefect in every role! Congratulations to William Truehelm for his new position.

I’m currently planning a tournament with Marian, the Chancery Prefect. More to come soon!

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Seminary is this Sunday! With the three virtues covered over the last three sessions, this Sunday we’ll begin discussing the concept of the Light’s Five Wisdoms. Retribution, Compassion, Holiness, Protection, and JUSTICE.

It will be a synopsis, and discussion on their practical meaning.

Come check us out by the Gazebo behind the Cathedral this Sunday at 8pm server!