Embarrasing question but

So, I am roaming the forums hoping to get some direction, I am looking for a place that would be willing to take in an older priest past his prime but wants to help out in any way he can.


Hey there! We’re looking to help out folks too!

If you would like, perhaps you could look into The Consortiums. We’re a new guild, still putting the polish and fine details on a few things, but are actively recruiting while we finish things up! The Consortium is a coalition of various minor noble houses among the Alliance, along with other individuals powerful in their own right or seeking to make a name for themselves, coming & pooling our resources and skills together in order to form in the simplest terms a private army.

The Consortium is a “Full Scale Military” guild, in the respect that unlike most para-militant guilds we aren’t just a guard force, garrison, or mercenary band, but a full logistical company. Merchants & Tradesmen securing supply lines and tracking down rare or powerful resources. Craftsmen to supply the ranks with necessary supplies, and the funding to fabricate the unique projects they would have otherwise been withheld from in the back of their minds. Researchers, scholars, spies, healers of various types, and more.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to give myself, or Sannal a message in game and we’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Good morning!

I’m not too sure if you’re looking for a RP or PvE guild… I’ll suggest ours anyway in case you’re looking for a PvE guild!

‘’‘Hidden Eclipse is a small guild with a emphasis on chill enviornments, community raids of new to veteran raiders, Mythic+, and… all PvE really! If you like that, you might like us.’’’

We raid every Saturday night and everyone is welcome to join, so long as they meet the minimum. We cap at normal difficulty, as it allows the chance for everyone to raid but we do dabble into Heroic to get some gear for folks or once we’ve had Normal on Farm long enough.

If you have any question about us, feel free to message me in game, on Discord (Yamr3#0558), or join our Discord and hangout. https://discord.gg/ZNPcpy8

If we’re not the right fit for you, that’s cool, I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect guild to call home!


Hello! We are not a guild, but I’ll plug the Church of the Holy Light community for you here. We’re a cross-guild community that focuses on writing and event-running, playing as various factions and groups within the Church of Light. If you’re looking to play a priest, we have a whole group for that within the project! I’ll link our forum thread below:

Ah, crap, I’m on the wrong server. Nevermind. My post was about Wyrmrest Accord. I’ll delete it. Sorry about that.