[A - RP Community] Church of the Holy Light

Another bump for this thread! Church of the Holy Light has a number of storylines ramping up- the Silver Hand prepare to claim long-abandoned areas of Hillsbrad, while the inquisitors look into suspicious cult activity in Duskwood and the presence of Scarlet Crusade-aligned militants.

As always, more events are coming up soon, including a big one we’re looking to open up to the server!


It’s good to see another Light-based coalition offering rp opportunities on Moon Guard. It’s also especially exciting to hear you’re planning a server-wide event.

Is this just for light based RPers? It sounds epic!

And if it is I have a priest and I’m sending you a btag!

Also bump to say thank you all for the hard work you put into this for the RP community as a whole! :slight_smile:

Hello, Alicedawford! And no, it is not only for Light-based RPers, but for anybody who’d consider their character a believer in the Light. Thank you so much for the bump to our thread, though! Also remember those tags are our Discord tags- we don’t have the Bnet ones listed!

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Oh! Sorry I goof! Thanks for the reply by the way I’ll send you a request in discord then XD

I actually have a question about the Church of the Holy Light: have their beliefs changed or adapted at all to the contact the alliance races have had with the Naaru since Burning Crusade?

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Unfortunately, we don’t know, at least in canon. The largest resource about the Church of Holy Light, the WoW RPG, was decanonized without much being written about the Naaru. The Church itself hasn’t been given much of an update either- we still have no archbishop despite Benedictus vanishing nearly over 5 years ago in lore.

On the player side of things, you’ll find that a lot of our characters have developed their own belief systems regarding the Naaru and the Light! One can hardly ignore that they exist, after all, but they can be very polarizing beings.

In-game, The Church of Holy Light’s inquisitors arrive in Duskwood! There, they and ““allies”” in the Order of the Bleak Spire encounter both cultists from the long-forgotten Veiled Hand as well as Scarlet Crusade militants from the Army of the Truthful. If anybody’s looking to encounter some of us, we’ll be loitering at various places in Duskwood.


Put your faith in the Light, and all is possible.

Even non-Draenei can be a bit polarizing; my character thought the zombie-like Light worship (at the memorial) was… rather unnerving (doesn’t want to be blinded by the Light, also uses Shadow magic). Bit his tongue of course; tis not something one starts a debate about at a funeral service, even one is a grumpy old elf.

Certainly understandable! There are some unusual customs that have been developed by the Light community such as “May it be so” that my own characters don’t agree with. Still, part of the benefit of this community and the events put on here is the chance to spotlight and develop individual philosophies and outlooks. Duskwood’s a good example of this- we’ve got some of our more zealous sorts set against moderates in how we deal with the cultists there. The Seminary events are also really good chances for people to get to expand on their IC views!


A little bump for this thread. Members of the Church have started an investigation into the town of Farnsworth, a small hamlet in Duskwood with a number of missings persons cases.

…a number, of course, meaning the entire town. We found them, though!

They’re all shambling through the woods. Highly not alive right now, it’s a little unfortunate.


I really do suck at bumping this thread, don’t I? The Church of the Holy Light is out and doing things still! While our inquisitors have nearly caught all their targets in Duskwood, the Knights of the Silver Hand marshal for a crusade against Sylvanas loyalists holding rightful Alliance territory in Hillsbrad.

Sunday is our next Seminary, an event where we talk about personal philosophies of the Light and examine the virtues and wisdoms spoken of in the lore. 8pm, behind the Cathedral. See you there!


Seminary is tonight, hosted by Davian! He’ll be officially taking them over in a full capacity now, so congratulations to him! Stop on by behind the Cathedral at 8 server :smiley:

Tomorrow, the crusaders of the Silver Hand venture northwards to begin their crusade upon loyalists that remain in the holdfasts of the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the start of a two day event hosted by the Church!
This Friday and Saturday; April 10th and 11th is the Mountain Melee, and the Snow-Ball!

The Mountain Melee will take place on April 10th, using the Argent Tournament Grounds as a proxy for a jousting tournament! This begins at 8pm server time, and will include a 20k gold prize for winner, and some consolation prize for the runners up! Signups will take place in the first half hour before the joust, and the bracket should begin by 8:30 server.

The Snow-Ball will take place on April 11th, using the top of Utgarde Keep as a proxy for an outdoor ballroom! This, like the joust, begins at 8pm server, and will include a raffle that includes an art prize from one of the Citrine Eagle’s guild members!

We hope to see you there!

Thanks to Avondrea and the other organizers for a great tournament! Congrats to Sahunglinah for winning and Kadeem coming in a close second!

Shindo in with the clutch with both helping and keeping the peace <3

huge huge accolades to zaria and shindo both for getting us fabulous art through max, setting up the brackets, announcing the event, wrangling the crowd, amping up the contestants, inviting all those lovely people, and the tough job of ic peacekeeping! literally TOA level stuff between those two, at i’d venture a quarter of the foot traffic managed.

i was the horse. it was great.

tyrvarryn and i had a blast with impromptu concessions. we’ll be much more ready next time with a cleaner menu and some good props but for the response we got, it was very fun to do~

Thank you, Theudric! It was truly my pleasure, as acting Prelate of the Chancery, to keep this event on the books and work to make it a success. It took plenty of networking and organization, and it paid off! The tourney was well attended by so many of our good friends, and everyone had fun, which is the end goal! I was so excited to see how many turned out, and I hope that everyone is able to make it to the Snow Ball tonight, for more good times!

A big thank you to Zaria, as well, for a job well done on the organization end, and for keeping things running smoothly last night! Annnd, congrats to Sahunglinah for the big win!

That said, don’t forget about the ball tonight! We hope to see you there!

The Snow-Ball will take place on April 11th, using the top of Utgarde Keep as a proxy for an outdoor ballroom! This, like the joust, begins at 8pm server, and will include a raffle that includes an art prize from one of the Citrine Eagle’s guild members!

I won two large sacks.

And lo, on the fifteenth day of silence, a thread was bumped- resurrecting it to stand atop the forums once more.

CotHL will be sending paladins and priests to join the final push to defeat N’zoth’s forces in Pandaria during Warcraft Conquest: Visions of the Vale! That awesome event is coming up very soon and a whole bunch of us are excited to get something together with the community again.

Additionally, biweekly seminary events are still being hosted to discuss Light-related topics! I’ll have to be better about updating this thread when we get close to the next one.

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