Name changed months ago, still not reflected on forums

Heya- I purchased a name change months ago for my rogue on Moon Guard. They were once Merciella, now they are Inquisitrix. When I posted a forum thread recently, this still had not changed and some of my characters had not even updated since June.

I logged into the forums from a different browser and this seemed to force-update my characters, but it has not updated the original forum post’s author to be Inquisitrix and not Merciella.

Since this is a community advertisement post, I don’t want people directed to a character that does not exist under the old name in-game. Is there any way to change that? Below is the thread in question.

When you change names, your forum posts don’t change. The forums don’t know that Hildria (now) used to be Merciella (then). There’s no connection. As far as the forum software is concerned, they’re two completely separate characters. Merciella still “owns” those posts.

If you want to be able to track responses to the advertisement post, create a new character with the old name and server. It will “inherit” the forum identity.

You may want to do that, delete the old post, and switch back to your changed character and re-create the advertisement.

crazy how Armory just leaves the former character there in the system as if nothing ever happened to it, especially when I made the posts several months after the character change. Went ahead and changed a different character name to Merciella, since I can’t really delete the thread and repost it since it’s for RP stuff. Appreciate the help!