💀 [A] <Primordial Malice> LF DPS for Nya, Shadowlands +

[A] Primordial Malice (Stormrage Server) is looking to add to our raid team for current and future raiding. We are a Semi-Hardcore Heroic Progression guild focused on getting AOTC for every raid tier and dipping into Mythic once Heroic on farm.


Nyalotha – 11/12N, 12/12H (AoTC), 2/12M
The Eternal Palace – 8/8N, 8/8H (AOTC), 3/8M
Crucible of Storms – 2/2N, 2/2H (AOTC)
Battle of Dazar’alor - 9/9N, 9/9H (AOTC), 1/9M
Uldir: (AOTC) 8/8H, 2/8M

Raid Nights:

Wednesday and Thursday - 8:30pm -11:00pm EST (server time)
Sunday - 8:00pm-11:00pm EST (optional night)

Current Need(s):

Ranged DPS: Fire Mage, Elemental Shaman, Boomkin or Hunter
Will consider other dps classes

Minimum Requirements for Applicants:

Item level: 445
Neck level: 70 (Three Rank 3 essences)
Cloak: Rank 6
Have a positive attitude and mentality of “team-first.”

We are also always looking for skilled and motivated players who want to raid and clear content in a timely manner but do not want a crazy schedule to do so.

Guild Focus:

Heroic Progression with an emphasis in working together as a group without drama. We expect you to be knowledgeable of your class, being prepared for new bosses (watching videos, proper addons such as DBM or Bigwigs). We offer guild repairs, active discord/guild chat, helpful guild mates, etc. We also run a lot of M+s, transmog and achievement runs, etc.

If interested or wanting to find out more, add and message me at:

BNET: Meadbh#1777
DISCORD: Meadbh#4372

Still looking for some DPS, also DPS with offspec heals or tank would be pretty awesome too.

To the top!! Looking for more dps :slight_smile:

DPS still needed. Also looking for people interested in M+s

Looking for dps :slight_smile:

Still looking to fill a few spots for 8.3 – DPS!!! Melee or Ranged :):nerd_face:

To the top, still have a few spots for raid team 8.3

Still looking!

Ele / Enhance Shaman, Rogue, Hunter, Boomkin would be nice additions.

Come join us for 8.3!! :slight_smile:

Still looking for dps: hunter/rogue/shaman

Good Morning :slight_smile:

Still looking to fill a few DPS raid spots - hunter / rogue / dps shaman highly desired

Bump looking for hunters, rogues, and shamans :slight_smile:

A non-priest healer would be an added addition as well.

Looking for resto druid!

Happy Thanksgiving

Bump for a great guild with a great group of people…we’re looking for hunters, rogues, and shamans but of course any dps will be considered :slight_smile:

Bump - looking for Hunter

To the top…we’re looking for a hunter :slight_smile: