[A] <Inertia> 3/9M T/W 8-11PM PST

Raid Days
T/W 8-11PM PST Invites start @730PM

Mythic +
We schedule one night per week to push keys, but will run them as often as possible.
Sundays 8PM-11PM PST
What we expect from an applicant
-On time
-Ability to give and receive criticism
-Knowing the fights before coming to raid
-Being able to adapt and learn fights quickly
What we need
Tank-Looking for an offpsec tank, or someone who wants to push high end keys.
RDPS- Shadow Priest, Mage, Boomkin, Hunter, Elemental Shaman.
Melee- WW Monk, DK, DH, Rogue.
Healer: Druid, Resto Shaman, Disc Priest,

Strong applicants for any role will be considered and are encouraged to apply.
Our end goal is to clear mythic level raids, high end M+, and be competitive in RBG’s.

Reply here, or reach out to one of the following officers

Still looking

Still looking

Perfect time to claim remaining core spots for Dazar’alor

We have a discord channel dedicated to memes. <3

Still recruiting.

We have a guild sugar daddy. <3

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Still recruiting

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I’ll add someone today, 380 warrior tank Felforit messaged me.

Scooby#2947 can someone add me on discord to discuss today.

Added you – don’t want you to think you’re being ignored! Science and the others will be around later in the afternoon/this evening and we’d love to get everyone on discord to chat it out!

Hey, all good. I don’t see the request but I’ll keep looking!

I resent it. You should also be getting one from Duageyl#1490. Oy vey, bnet…

Still recruiting.

Solid on our tanks – need dem RDPS and a WW monk. <3

Still recruiting.

still searching for more players.

still searching

This guy here thinks he’s in aquaman.

Still recruiting more players.