[H] 380 7/8M Prot warrior LF guild

Currently working on Mythic Ghunn(here’s to hoping for the kill before next tier). I am below rank 50 for m+ and working on lowering it.

The issue is I am having is guild I am currently in is overly toxic. not in the Elitist attitude way but in a trashy human toxic/childish way. This along with the raid times being difficult for me to make is making me look for a new guild.

I use 7/8 loosely as I jumped straight to mythrax and helped the guild get the kill. Technically I am 3/8 but as I’m working on ghunn rest of the bosses are nothing and I can’t get a reclear.

Scrapy#11690 Btag

Rutroraggy on illidan to look up my logs/IO

Hey there, Raggy!

Not sure if you are still looking for a guild, but if you are, we at Phobos would love to have you!

We’re a fresh Horde guild on the Zul’jin server with progression in mind - many of us are experienced WoW veterans with decades of collective experience when it comes to raiding content. We also do M+ very frequently, and even PvP from time to time. Our focus is to build this guild up to be one of the best weekday raiding guilds, and are looking for fellow like-minded players who are willing to put in the time and effort to improve themselves and the guild as a whole.

Currently, our planned raid times are 8:00-11:00PM EST, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It looks as though you are trying to find a currently-active raid guild, which unfortunately we are not at that stage - however, if you’re willing to give us a chance and have some patience as we recruit more members, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I understand that doing a server-transfer is a huge investment. However, if you are willing to make the investment but want to feel us out first, then you can feel free to contact me or some of our other officers on Discord or Bnet!

Below are some bnets/Discords/in-game names for you to contact us at if you’re interested in more information:

Kel -Kelrox#1955 (Bnet) / Kel#4101 (Discord)

Worrog – Orrog#4479 (Discord)

Magicrap - ValenDarrow#1736 (Bnet) / Valen#7478 (Discord)

We hope to hear from you soon - if not, then best of luck!

Hey sent you a request!

If you are open to going alliance…

…check us out. We have an immediate opening for a full time tank. We’re currently 5/8 mythic. We run RBGs every weekend. We have several members well above 1k+ IO that love to push keys regularly throughout the week. As far as raid times go, we raid Tuesday/Wednesday from 8pm PST to 11pm PST.

Reply here, or reach out to one of the following officers