[A] 10/12M < Battle Hardened > LFM PROGRESSION-READY Raiders!

< Battle Hardened > is looking for progression-ready raiders to push for the end of the tier. We are aiming for Cutting Edge (or as far as we can go) before the prepatch. Once the prepatch hits we will continue raiding until the end of the tier, going as far as we can and/or working on achievements and other activities until the drop of the new expansion.

Established in 2015 as a PVE guild, BH has gone through many tiers of content with a close-knit group of raiders that became more like family. We’re looking for like-minded people who want to down progression bosses but still enjoy their time doing so. Our raiders thrive in a friendly raid environment, with the expectations that each of our raiders will pull their weight and know their class/mechanics without the extra necessity of negative criticism.

Battle Hardened Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 6-9pm Server (PST) - Mythic Progression ++
Wednesday 6-9pm Server (PST) - Mythic Progression ++
Thursday 6-9pm Server (PST) - Paid AOTC Carries
Friday 6-9pm Server (PST) - Heroic (Alt) Ny’alotha
++ Denotes mandatory raid nights for mythic raiders.

Current Progression:
12/12 Normal Ny’alotha
12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha
10/12 Mythic Ny’alotha


  • Discord (with working mic)
  • 75%+ mandatory attendance on raid nights
  • Ability to log on by 5:50pm on raid nights
  • Personal Prepots (flasks/feasts provided)
  • Ability to receive constructive criticism
  • Hatred of puns and terrible jokes

Current Recruitment Needs:

MYTHIC Ready Raiders

  • 470+ iLvl
  • Rank 15 Cloak
  • Rank 3 Essences
  • Appropriate Corruptions
  • 12/12 Heroic Experience

We are currently CLOSED to all social/casual/heroic-only raiders until closer to the drop of Shadowlands.

How to Apply

  1. Add valannia#1629 or Savius#1232 to btag.
  2. Search for our guild in the in-game guild finder and hit the apply button. (Wyrmrest Accord server only)
    We’ll have a few questions for you just to make sure you’re a good fit for our guild, and then we can schedule a raid trial with our team.

Joined the guild in 2017 and have never looked back. Even after taking a break for a year and a half I was welcomed back with open arms! Great environment where everyone feels like family.


Joined back in Uldir and haven’t looked back. It’s nice to be a part of social guild that can progress through mythic content without raiding 4-5 per week.

Can’t pick up any more hunters (sorry!) but we’re still looking for other dps to come join our group! If you’re looking to progress through mythic content without the elitist jerks, come check us out!

Still looking for a DPS! Add me on BTag if you have any questions!


We got Hivemind down this week, and practiced interrupts on Xanesh. She should die this week as well.

We’re slowing down recruitment - don’t want to get TOO many people that half our team has to sit the bench on any given night - but a FIRE MAGE that can pump would be perfect to round out the team!

Due to some iRL job commitments, we’ll be losing our main tank in July. Therefore we’re opening up recruitment for another tank!

Ideally this person has a DPS spec they would be willing to use on some fights as we learn these bosses with them and transition our current tank out. A tank that would also be willing to help out with m+ groups for guildies throughout the week would be amazing!

Let me (Mythrenathen) or Revocation know if you may be interested!

We got some really good pulls on Vexiona last night! She’s next on our list. >:)

We’re opening up recruitment for RANGED DPS (a fire mage would be awesome!) and a DPS W/ OS HEAL (would be healing in case one of our main healers is absent, but DPSing priority). These are immediate openings, so no need to wait for weeks riding the bench on some other team for a shot at finally seeing mythic content!

Let me know if you’re interested! We’ll both be out of town this week for the holiday, so responses might be slow, but I will respond as soon as I am able!

Still have spots for DPS in tonight’s raid! Bonus points if you have an OS heal set!

I’m online now if you’d like to chat!

Still have some spots to trial with us Tuesday!

Where’s all them fire mages at?

We got Ra-den almost to phase2 on our second raid day this past week - he should die this coming week! Anyone looking for some fancy mythic trinkets?

Ra-den is DEAD! Unfortunately he was a jerk and didn’t give us a single Vita shard or weapon, so it looks like we gotta go murder him for a couple more weeks til he is sorry.

This brings us to 7/12M! Next up is Vexiona!

So the End-of-Tier-iRL-Boss is at it again, and our mythic raid roster is beginning to dwindle. As is tradition here in Battle Hardened, we are planning on raiding til the very last week of the tier, well into the prepatch. In order to make sure that happens though, we need to bolster our ranks a tad.

Therefore, we’re recruiting MYTHIC READY raiders!

  • 470+ iLvl
  • Rank 15 Cloak
  • Rank 3 Essences
  • Appropriate Corruptions
  • 12/12 Heroic Experience

We’re able to swing multiple different classes/specs, though we do NOT need any more healers at this time. If you are a healer with a viable DPS spec you wouldn’t mind playing the majority of the time, we could make that work as well.

If you are looking for a more casual raid team and/or a raid team come Shadowlands, we’ll be opening our recruitment up closer to the drop of the new expansion. We want to make sure that each and every one of our new people is given the proper attention and made to feel welcome, so we’re not able to fully open our recruitment to everyone who is wanting a guild for Shadowlands. Right now we are only able to pick up those actively wanting to push mythic content.

If you ARE interested in mythic raiding, please reach out to me (Mythrenathen) - valannia#1629

We have spots available to trial with us on Tuesday!

Vexiona died tonight! That bring us to 8/12M!

We’re still progressing for the rest of the tier - Drest’agath got to 61% tonight, so that’s our next focus!

Still looking for mythic raiders to progress for the rest of the tier!

More progression-minded raiders would be awesome! We’re still aiming for Cutting Edge!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Drest’agath died tonight! That brings us to 9/12M, two new bosses down in two weeks! We have a full night of progression tomorrow to work on Il’gynoth, so we’ll see how that goes.

Still looking for raiders to progress through mythic content!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Il’gynoth died tonight! That’s 10/12M!

THREE BOSSES IN THREE WEEKS. We’re definitely on the progression train now!