6 Day wait time waiting for Xfer Request

Regardless, it DOES happen.

From another topic related


Seriously guys, thanks for continuing to float this thread.

A thread with a bunch of hits on is exactly what I am looking for.

You do know the SFAs can see if you worked here or not, My gut is screaming malarkey. They do frown upon claiming to be an employee, past or present.

Okay. Even rolling with this to be truth - you do not know how policy has changed since you were with them. What might have flown back in the day may not be allowed now. If you’re being told something cannot be done, then that is it. It’s been said many times over that things are more even-keeled across the board so that there aren’t all the loose ways of policy being held to. It makes it fair for everyone in the game and behind the scenes to be held by the same rules and regulations.

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I don’t think you get I am fishing for a REAL RESPONSE from a Blue Poster.

Anyone else can say absolutely anything they want, but its not going to change the fact I am looking to be contacted and persons who post in this forum from Blizzard can do that.

The entire reason I just decided to break down and make the point I know the process first hand is in hopes that some people will understand I know the process and move on; likewise, that others would freak out and keep posting and float the thread.

Both things only help my situation right now.

Thanks again all.


Like has been stated over several times - if you worked there, you know how things work. This forum is for players to help other players. You are fishing, but you’re not guaranteed anything of the sort.


True. I acknowledge that. I ALSO acknowledge that I did those things in a test environment and not on live servers.

But I want to have that discussion with someone AT BLIZZARD.

Playing email tag with a GM who is only using cut and paste responses isnt getting me anywhere. I’ve already asked multiple times to talk to someone. The responses I get are so cookie cutter, they don’t acknowledge all the issues in one message.

Because how they’ve operated since before even COVID happened - you don’t. The phone line has been gone for years. Live chat, when available, is mostly for billing matters. Tickets are really it. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw someone having Blizzard reach out to them for a conversation beyond tickets. You are asking for special treatment that no one else is entitled to.


You DO understand I’ve been there, done that and even called and emailed. I know the ways around the system (as some suggested I might). So I’m here to make CONTACT with someone.

Again, linking me these things isn’t going to change my intent or desire. Everyone is welcomed to keep digging and looking for something to “appease me”; but thats not what I am here for.

Again, thanks for continuing to float the thread. A bunch of responses on the thread is what I need for someone to go “Ohh, whats this thread” over at Blizz.

The fact I know phone numbers should tell you something. Note the S on “numbers”.

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Which all that will accomplish is the thread getting locked and you getting told the proper avenue to contact Blizzard.

I don’t know what you mean by that. You can access the game and servers as a free to play person up to level 20. You can see the server lists as well. You don’t need a sub for that. If you still can’t find them, there is a mega thread here on CS where people ask to find chars, or you could have made a new one for yourself. Blizz is happy to tell you where your chars are.

That is not going to happen. They don’t do in-game chats, except in rare instances they need more info. They never engage in email discussions for CS. It is all done via ticket.

It won’t matter at all. I mean that. Either what you ask for is within policy, or not. Period. In your case, it is not within policy and they won’t be moving your Classic char between licenses. If they made an exception for you, they would have to do it for everyone.

I don’t know that they can, unless that is somehow on the Bnet account. Other staff have no access to HR records.

Yeah, that is not going to happen. They don’t just have personal discussions over policy.

The ONLY people here are Forum Support Agents. This forum is an Information Desk where you can get info on how to navigate support, how policies work, how services work, etc. There are no GMs here, no Devs here, and nobody is going to escalate your case via the forums.

Good. Then call them and see if a friend of yours can do something that the FSAs and GMs can’t do.


They might be able to check into subscription history and see whether a complementary subscription was ever applied. Other than that, I’m not sure either.

Oh, they can. My old Blizzard account is tied to my Bnet account. It obviously doesn’t have access to anything important anymore, but I’m sure if someone looked and knew how to, they could.

I know the flags are on the account because there are certain things ex-employees who left on good terms tend to get (IE typically favorable or certain chances of getting in betas depending on the needs of the test) and certain things ex-employees who left on bad terms tend to — well, not get (IE not getting into betas).

I also could have made the post and just deleted it and a mod would be able to see that too. For those who DONT know, that is a prefered way to report things in detail for non-typical issues.

Also, I should note that the penalties for representing yourself as a current or past employee on these forums are fairly severe (ie perma ban from forums) so its not something I say willy nilly.

I don’t go mentioning this fact in other Blizzard Forums. There’s a lot about these circumstances that are unusual.

Additionally, I could probably get attention a little faster posting on Twitter, but that’s an easy way to expose my identity to the world. This way, only someone at Blizz can confirm these things.

The old sub history got wiped quite some time ago so I don’t know if they can see that. I used to have records on my account of every time we got a day or 3 for down time compensation. I don’t have that anymore.

The 1 year time cards are not just staff, but sometimes given for other things like prizes. The 25 year game time is a staff thing, but I don’t know what it takes to get that and if it stays active after separation. I know in some cases it does.

Only if you left it up for 10 mins or so. Rapid edits in the current software (under 5 mins), do not show to Mods. The old Blizz house software is gone. They use Discourse now.

It does not matter if you worked there or not though, policy is policy. If you think a friend still at Blizz can help you, contact them. Otherwise you won’t be getting special treatment.

The same Forum Support Agents who run the CS twitter are the ones who are here…


You’re not making a great case for yourself here. If you mean posting @BlizzardCS, then it’s the same Blizz folks here who answer those tweets.

Call your connections at Blizz. Convince them to bypass the rules for everyone else because you used to work there.


Thus why I am here.

The only difference is most people at Blizzard these days tend to post and/or watch Twitter / Reddit. Ironically, you can blame policy for that! That’s not a topic for discussion here though.

So you’re here because you don’t want to contact Blizz directly with the “numberS” that you have? That’s just weird.

Call them. Leave a voicemail if necessary so that they can make this right! Posting here will not do anything for you as there are zero GMs on this forum.

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