6 Day wait time waiting for Xfer Request


Like many trying to play WotLK Classic, I am on a server PLAGUED by wait times.

I have been trying for about two weeks (before the wait times) to talk to a GM about xfering my main character (Líghhammer, this one) from Grobbulus to Old Blanchy.

Also, when I reactivated my account after being dormnat for nearly (if not more then 5 years) I didn’t know which WoW Account my ‘main’ characters were on. I have two WoW Accounts assigned to this Bnet account, and sadly, I “gambled” on the wrong one. I only realized the mistake after about a month of play. I asked a GM about moving this character to the correct account at the same time.

The first response I got only answered one of my three questions and its been in queue now for a week while still having “6 days left” until I get a response.

Luckily, in the mean time, my server got in the queue for free xfers the way I wanted them to go ALREADY. The free xfer, however, isnt working because the system claims I have mail in my mail box that I dont have.

At this point, I just dont want to wait these CRAZY 202 minute queues while waiting for days turning into weeks for a GM to actually HELP.

Please help!

Have you look here under restrictions?

Do any of those apply?


Your just gona have to wait on your ticket unfortunately there rather high and the ban wave isnt helping things either.


No, it just claims I have mail in my mail box. I do not.

Thats why I came here.

This issue is starting to spiral out and cause more problems for my guild who is trying to get setup and ready to run WotLK.

I’m also getting the run around about xfering my character from one WoW Account to the other WoW Account that are both on the same Bnet account.

Have you done Plague Lands Recently? There are a few quests in game that mail you stuff and letter, days after the quest is finished.


You cant account transfer for classic correct.


You are right…

It is not possible to transfer a WoW Classic character to another WoW account or Battle.net account.

It is not possible to transfer a character between Modern WoW, WoW Classic, and Burning Crusade Classic.


You cant transfer accounts for classic only retail.


The GM stated that to be the case because TBC didn’t support. However, that was stated to me the very day Prepatch occured. In WotLK, that was a standard service that came along with xfer.

The first PRIMARY GOAL is to get my character xfered from one server to the other. I want to “fight with customer service” over weather the later is possible after the first is resolved.

That being said, the entire reason this issue was caused in the first place was because there was absolutely no way that I knew of at the time to log into my Bnet account and see which characters were where.

I know for fact in TBC they could do this; they just had to do it manually and the service was done for people under unusual circumstances. In WotLK it became a regular service. I’d like someone at Blizzard to look into this and attempt to resolve it.

AGAIN, TO BE CLEAR (for any Blizzard rep reading this): The biggest thing I need/want right now is to get the xfer issues fixed with my main character. I’ll figure out the other part (weather possible or not) later.

Untill blizzard allows it atm account transfers arent available.


That is from one of two things usually:

  • Mail from a quest or achievement that has not been sent yet
  • Mail from someone you put on Ignore that you can’t see, but is still there.

If you can’t resolve the mail issue on your own, you will need the GM to help.

They really can not do that. A GM can not change or over ride the policy. I am not even sure the tools allow them to do it.

It is not possible to transfer a WoW Classic character to another WoW account or Battle.net account.

It does not matter that both licenses are on the same Bnet account. They are not able to do it.


This is why I am here. I need a GM to help.

Its not a policy it was a tech limitation in the tools. A GM Lead or CS Lead can and has done that in the past during TBC Classic. I have two friends who were in similar situations during TBC Classic that managed to get this pushed through.

There are no GMs on the forums. Only via tickets.

Nobody can push this through for you. Otherwise, they’d just allow transfers from one WoW account to another. There’d be no reason for the restriction.

Currently, that sort of transfer is only available in Retail, not classic. It’s covered in the support article too which was updated 2 days ago.



Ok, so let me clear about this because I don’t need 60 people telling me the same thing I know first hand NOT to be true.

I used to WORK AT BLIZZARD. I know for fact from having had done it myself (not as a GM or someone in CS, fairly, someone on the dev side) it literally only requires you to drag and drop the appropriate file (not files, file) from one server directory to another. It is not a difficult operation to perform, but it requires specific network permissions, admin permissions and server permissions as well as the correct knowledge of where the files are located to be able to do that. Its not something I expect a regular GM to have access to (as they are often temp workers). I wouldn’t be surprised if, at this point, there is nothing they do that lets them physically see a directory of any kind (on their personal work computer or on the network). All the tool did was automate this process and was given special application permissions to do this; and if it was a faction change, the tool also changed parts of the file to attune it appropriate to that faction.

Knowing this and knowing that Blizzard’s current policies gave me no way to tell which WoW Account I had my characters on; I feel I meet the exception range for manager/lead to perform this action for me.

I am HERE, because I am seeking to get in contact with manager or lead to discuss this issue with them. Heck, I could probably walk them through the process.

Being that this is the “out reach” for official support, I am here because this is often one of the better routes to get someone to contact me and talk to me IN GAME or over email.

This isnt a one way street to the higher ups if u worked with blizzard you should know the proper policies. Apeals are only handled one way via ticket these forums arent a way to expidite ur tickets.


That’s a new one…

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No, but threads get attention here.

No they dont this is a player to player support forum with blue moderation its not there jobs to handle tickets or pass along feedback.


Not really. Its not like people who worked for the company years ago don’t have problems.

After we’re gone, we’re often just players like you are. It doesn’t mean problems don’t happen.

Not from the devs or people in charge.