6 Day wait time waiting for Xfer Request

Our queues are longer than we’d like at the moment - but I see you do have two tickets open, and one is older. Hopefully that will be coming up in the queue fairly soon. They usually grab any out there and work them together.

As others have mentioned, we also work Twitter - so here - or there makes little difference. Here is actually better as we can see what’s involved.

Others are also correct, we really can’t do anything from either - this has to go through tickets.

You do seem to be possessed of some odd notions about CS. There are two times we say we can’t. One is technical limitations - the other is policy. Can things sometimes be given an exception, yes - sometimes. But not for all issues or in all cases.

I’d normally suggest Live Chat for this, but it’s not open - and honestly, I’m unsure if it will be this week. They are working just as fast as they can to get the queues back down to more acceptable levels.


So, if you think that, why are you continuing to post?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want the attention on this thread; but you’re not showing pragmatism by continuing to make rebuttals.

I only want two things here:

#1.) Attention for the thread so someone at Blizzard looks at and goes “OOOO, whats going on here”. Does matter if one of the mod companies like Modsquad closes it, someone at Blizz will still see it Tuesday and go “Erm, lets look at this”.

#2.) To get someone to contact me to help with this outside the normal chain.

To be clear, I don’t mean to insult, rub anyone the wrong way or make hurt feelings.

Throwing quotes at me, linking me to various policies isn’t going to accomplish my goals.

Thanks for poking this issue Orlyia.

Do you mind adding some notes on this ticket?

I’m not really going to cry if the ticket takes a little while. I understand that that’s doing some hurdle jumping (also that its labor day weekend).

My bigger concern is that the xfer isnt working from Grob to Old Blanchy. That’s something I’d like to get resolved quickly because I am trying to nurse a bunch of old players towards WotLK. The concern isn’t so much for ME, but rather my guys trying to get situated around me. We have a bunch of people coming back for WotLK Classic that havent played in 15 years and I’m sure you know how hard it can be to keep “old-new players” interested. Many of the folks around us are freakin out at these long queues and I’m trying really hard to keep everyone happy. Rainy Labor Day weekend is making everyone antsy =(.

Also, happy Labor Day to you AND everyone else who helped stoke this thread.

Neither will posting here. As a previous employee, you know that though.

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Actually, as a previous employee, I DO know me poking here will get some attention.

Perl, thanks for sparing me. Mission, somewhat complete.

How so? Because Orlyia posted the same thing we’ve been telling you?


All posts here get attention Lighthammer - whether we respond - or not.

Our regulars do a spectacular job of assisting their fellows, but all posts are read.


Did you check for quests/achievement mail that may be in queue or mail from people you ignored. Those won’t show up until you take the person off ignore.

Not the attention you want though.


I really didnt mean for the thread to blow up quiet the way it did and I do respect the people trying to help here.

However, as with almost all tech forums, you often have people providing what you might call “level 1 support” and in some cases “level 2 support” where as I’m looking for the equivalent of “Level 3 support”.

I don’t mean any disrespect to Perl or Mirasol. I thought I was pretty clear with them early on that I did the things they suggested ALREADY and now I simply needed someone to poke the topic and look at it. Thats why I just dropped the bomb I did.

@Perl and @Mirasol please consider the following: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink. If you give someone advice and they don’t seem willing to take it, consider walking away. It COULD make the poster upset (in this case, I’m perfectly fine) if you keep trying to push the same answer or same set of answers. All you’re doing is getting yourself anxious and probably making the other person upset. Its awesome you want to give help, but know when to stop. Afterall, this is one of the three tenets of The Holy Light =).

Yes, I already detailed the issue to the GM. There IS mail stuck in the system that is not in my mail box. A GM needs to intervene on it.

Great, then that will happen when they get to your ticket. That issue is an easy one to resolve despite the long queue times. That CAN be fixed.

The other request, to break policy by transferring between two licenses for Classic, would require them to do so for everyone.


If you used to work at Blizzard then you should know there are no GM’s or GM contacts on the forums and that Blizz no longer has a need to discuss issues with players in game or via email.
They only discuss account issues via tickets.


While I see both tickets - it’s not terribly obvious which character you are referring to. You could go into your tickets through the Support link above > My tickets, and edit that information in.


/edited after thread closed for review.

I thought your tool states where which character and realm the support ticket was made. I know its hardly worthy of a report for inspector, but I figured I provided enough.

I went into the ticket and provided additional information on Ticket# US85776585.

Ticket# US85649395 is the one where I was specifically asking about moving the character to another WoW Account on the same BNet Account. IIRC, the policy limitation in WotLK was simply that the account holder had to have the same legal name. I figure this ticket will take some time. Either its POSSIBLE and the tools are impliment / people arent trained for it yet or its something that needs to be done later. I’m not going to cry TOO much if this cant be done “at this time”, but its a little frusterating knowing its simply a drag and drop procedure >.<

There’s not an if. A Mod looked a the thread and saw my claim. Do you think I would be able to continue posting if I was lying?

Anyway, got what I needed. Once again, thanks to those who tried to help. I’m now muting this thread.

Have a great rest of the Labor Day weekend all.