550 conquest max per week, 5000 to be able to purchase a weapon (5000 req removed, woo!)

What assumptions? Go to your achievements, 300 ranked wins achi, and only 1550 rating. And you can’t lose rating until 1500. So you never hit 1700 rating in your 300 wins ( and at least 300 losses)

Do you lose on purpose or are you just that bad?

Then you need to get lucky to get a weapon, 4000 conquest is too much, 2500 would be upper limit for how long it should take to get a weapon, that’s 5 weeks.

Buddy I’m not the one crying about not getting my pvp weapons on the first week lol, keep going it’s making me laugh!

People are neglecting to mention the multiple, upgradable conquest rewards you can earn each week via the vault.

Maybe a weapon can drop in the weekly cache?

You come in my thread, trolling about how pvpers should pve to get gear as excuse for poor pvp vendor design, and then are surprised when I point out how riddiculously bad you are at pvp to not get over 1550 rating (50 rating over no rating loss for losing) in over 600 arena matches.

We had people getting cloaks for several weeks in BFA, so there better be some bad luck protection for weapons in the cache.

Exactly, but they don’t want to bother with doing the expansion and literally just want to pvp all day.

You. Can. Choose. A. Weapon.

PvErs have to pray a weapon drops for them. My friend went LITERALLY The entirety of Patch 8.3 without a new weapon because one never dropped for them. THey only ever had an emissary weapon.

At least you’re guaranteed one.

On top of that, you will get the Great Vault rewards based on your rating, and GASP that can have a weapon too.

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Are you sure? I read the article and all it says is that the cap increases by 550 each week. I mean, judging from past things they’ve done, it does make sense as a catchup mechanic, but the way this is worded it doesn’t say anything about a catch up at all. I think it is additive.

First season of what? Which expansion?

You could earn weapons by week two or three for the majority of conquest vendor weapons existing. With arena points the grind was longer but still not even remotely 10 weeks.

read the blue post on these forums. Not some garbage from beta.

Yeah, because pvers have to pvp right?
PvP and PvE are two seperate designs, and while Pvers aren’t forced into pvp, pvpers are forced into pve.

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People just saying do m+ or raids instead. Why should a pvper have to go grind out mythics to gear in their chosen content in a reasonable manner? The issue is pvpers, yet again, needing to do high end pve content to be competitive in their chosen activity. Not to mention the stupid amount of time required, when in that same time most raiders and everyone spamming mythics are going to be pretty much set.

This doesn’t work the other way around. Anytime pve players have to do pvp content there’s an uproar. Even if its only basic bgs.


They did when the legendary cloak required it in MoP, and again for BiS essences in BFA. You either didn’t or made qq threads about having to pvp. So you either pve to get a weapon faster or wait.

The weekly cache is advanced through rated PvP. More specifically, honor earned through rated PvP.

Well PvE is the real game.

Guess your going to have to raid and do mythics for pvp gear?

For you maybe.

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To you. There’s people that play specifically for the pvp aspect.

are you slow in the head? you seem to miss the entire point here. holy crap some people are so dense

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Not this time buddy

Mentioning pve players having to do a marginal amount of PvP in BFA is just trolling considering BFA is when 100% of PvP players had to PvE for everything. Literally. Trinkets were BiS from PvE. Corruption is A PvE awarded vendor. Cloak was a PvE grind. Could get better items with better stats from PvE. Had more options for more loot in PvE.