550 conquest max per week, 5000 to be able to purchase a weapon (5000 req removed, woo!)

Play the game and get max 550 conquest per week? When weapon is 4000 conquest? Basic pieces 850 conquest?

When raids and m+ give loads of gear? Which means pvpers once again have to pve to get gear? Great design.

It’s not, if you read the article, says 550 limit increas per week, but if you got 550 previous week, you can only get 550, so if you get 550 every week for first 3 weeks, 4th week you can still get only 550.

So then do m+/raid if you want weapons then. Otherwise just pvp to get your conquest weap without setting foot in pve content. I’m still failing to see why you are complaining. If you want a weapon faster, do harder content.

You don’t see problem with having to wait entire season to get just weapon? Not minding the other 14 pieces?

This means that you actually need until patch 9.2 or so to get full 9.0 pvp gear.

And PvP is harder content, anyone can fight AI.

Those last words are gonna trigger a few people.

Personally I like the do a bit of everything approach. Was fun when chasing after rank 4 essences.

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It’s just 550 a week. It’s a catchup mechanic to help alts/late players. You can only get 1100 Conquest week 2 if you got none in week 1. The cap of 550 is still inplace regardless of where you start in the season, it’s just that you can grind to the current cap if you missed out playing other weeks.

Not sure where you’re getting this. The article just says the weekly cap increases by 550 per week.

He’s too mad to even read, don’t bother.

Read under the table, says it’s just limit increase.

There is a cap on how much Conquest can be earned during a season. This cap increases by 550 each week. This means that during week 1, the cap is 550. During week 2, the cap is 1100.

  • If you earn 550 Conquest during week 1, you will then be able to earn 550 Conquest during week 2.

  • If you earn no Conquest during week 1, you will then be able to earn 1100 Conquest during week 2.

  • If you earn 400 Conquest during week 1, you will then be able to earn 700 Conquest during week 2.

Blizzard hates PvP and wants you to stop asking for PvP changes because they want to remove it. More at 5.


No it wasn’t lmao. Please don’t spread misinformation.

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Strong words for someone with 300 arena wins and 1550 max rating.
You couldn’t gear through PvP if you wanted to.
Mind you, you don’t lose rating until 1500.

He’s obviously trolling, to have 1550 max rating after 300 arena wins, and probably 600 losses on top of that, shameful, must be pretty bad.

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Ok you’re right.

That sucks for PVPers, but it’s heroic raid tier 226 gear and you get all your weekly great vault gear too, so it’s not that bad.

Are you telling me you could buy your conquest weapons first season? No, you had to wait until you got a certain amount of conquest before you could buy them. That cap was the time gate and around week 4 or 5 people could buy them. You could buy other conquests pieces and time your conquest to get a weap. Like for real dude :joy:

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Here’s the quote for you lazy people.

So people dedicating their time to it don’t increase more. It’s 550 conquest a week, per week. No way to increase it.

5,000 conquest required for an achievement to earn weapons.

  1. Whole. Weeks. To get weapons. Weapons used to be a week two thing. Maybe a week 3. The points you earned were gated by how high or low your rating was. Earn a higher rating. Get your weapons earlier.

No such thing now. Now you just sit with a honour weapon you’re also time gated to upgrade. Or be forced to pve just to enjoy pvp.

The problem with this is PvE players aren’t forced to PvP for anything.


True, there’s vault, but it’s RNG again, and only 1 piece of the 3 piece choice is of highest ilvl for your rating. If you can upgrade the other 2 choices for free, then it can work.

Well since you never hit over 1550 rating, you couldn’t buy anything for conquest, it was always for some actual ratings. So honor gear is your tool.

Or do some M+ or raiding and get an easy weapon week 1, afterwards go PVP like crazy.

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That is not great

Great assumptions but that still doesn’t change anything about how the system works.

This was not the case at all.

The upgrades for conq gear are for honor which might as well be for free.
I think the system will be picking one of three conq items you want a week + getting to buy targeted ones slowly, and with honor gear getting better as renown improves, pvp gearing will be kinda viable. It wont be as good as PVE but it never is is it.

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