350g Black Lotus is insanity

Well if you don’t know about how black lotus spawn it isn’t like a regular herb, it’s on a 45-70 minute CD, and they are random spots and only so many spawn in that time frame of respawns.

It’s not like picking dreamfoil or stuff when you have an infinite amount.

It’s heavily camped and the respawns are all times by players. It’s not a fun thing to do and it’s very limited.

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This is not how in-game economies work…

If botters were farming and flooding the market with lotus you would see prices go down. The issue is not a surplus in supply, but rather it is because of demand.

Players have very little to spend gold on at the moment, and one of the popular things to do is stockpile raiding materials for the AQ launch event and first few months of clearing that content.

As a result, players with excess gold are spending it on stockpiling Black Lotus and flasks for the future. This combined with the use of Black Lotus for the Edge of Madness event in Zul’Gurub are the two main reasons you see Black Lotus prices going up.

Supply and demand.

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blizzard themselves have said that classic servers hold far more people than vanilla servers did lol.


I know how it spawns, by my point is a modern gaming community finds its ire with black lotus because it is a element in classic that is gone in retail.

Something that is expensive in game & slow.

Ive heard people talk about grinding lashers near dire maul to earn ~50g per hour. There is the black lotus solution. Got to grind, which is boring, but it is the classic way.

The problem is the gold in the economy.

Arcane Crystal prices have gone up even as they’ve become easier to farm with DM E.

The rare items of value like Edgemasters and Cloudkeepers have seen their prices skyrocket (4000-5000g for Edgemasters and 2500-3000g for Cloudkeepers on my server).

I don’t think there’s a real solution here for the overall economic problems. Making Black Lotuses more available affects that one item, it doesn’t solve the issue of players having several times more gold than they did in vanilla.


They never said by how much nor did they say the population is different on the OPs server and is the reason for 350g price tag on black lotus on the OPs server either.


This is just people playing the market. They are hoping people will panic buy them at the inflated prices. They should go back to the pre-layer prices unless idiots start paying that much for them.

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sorry i’ve been told by a level 36 mage that everything blizzard has done is “great” and it’s all just my bad opinion so just deal with it.


players always had this amount of gold on pservers and it never caused lotus prices to skyrocket because most pservers either randomized the spawns to avoid camping, or had an alternative way to pick them. Blizzard dropping 10k server pops on our heads with 69 lotus spawns a day will always cause them to be priced this high. That’s literally less than 2 raids worth of lotus a day for a server with a population of ten thousand.


Don’t buy them.

You won’t have a choice come AQ and Naxx if you intend on raiding those instances. Flasking for those instances is basically mandatory.

Are you deliberately missing the point or what? The herb spawns were adjusted around the original vanilla server populations of around 2500 per high or “full” server. The herb spawns have not changed in classic, yet population counts are multiple TIMES what they were in vanilla on the high pop classic realms. The supply remained the same while demand rose tenfold. 2+2=4.


All I see in your post is “we dont want to grind lashers anymore to buy black lotus.” Literally going through a scientific essasy on alleged stats and differences on now and 2004-2007.

Go grind. It’s the classic way!

Naxx until you’re geared maybe, AQ during progression Titans will save you time, but I’m not sure I believe your statement. Convince me.

Why is it so difficult to implement dynamic respawns of herbs?

Pservers did it and it was great. The more players in a zone, the faster the respawn on herbs.

Having lotus go from the 45-75 minute respawn to something like 15-25 minutes would fix most economy problems.


Still missing the point. You’ll have to grind far longer now than you ever had to in vanilla to afford to buy black lotus at it’s current inflated price, because the supply will never be able to satisfy the demand.

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You don’t have proof that’s true. Go grind lashers if you want black lotus. Don’t blame alleged differences between then and now. Classic is a grindfest. Ya it is boring, but it’s what the classic community desired so much.

The blue never ever says by how much it is different. In fact the blue even says that servers these days could handle a bigger population (in rejecting raising server caps) It means that blizzard still limited the populations on modern classic servers.

Go grind, not complain.

Prices are this high because people are willing to pay them. If enough people on your servers factions stop buying them, the prices will tank. Unfortunately it would take an act of god for the elite guilds to stop flashing, so the prices will not go down.

On the contrary I fully expect flasks on most realms to be selling for 500g each by time Naxx is out.

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Capitalism at its finest. The black lotus.

so you just admit you don’t understand basic math?