Why are these bfa trolls allowed to troll the classic forum?

No, they’re literally just adding nothing to the discussion and saying “you deserve this” to any minor thing, go look right now. You also can’t block people on the forums or I would’ve already

If they don’t agree with the suggestion, then that is what they are adding. People are not required to agree with you, and dissenting opinions are not “trolling”.

And to be frank, “you asked for no changes”, while it could be worded better, is a rather valid response. Classic is literally designed to be like vanilla WoW, and making changes because you are inconvenienced makes it less like vanilla. And despite your assertions, yes, there are still people who want that faithful reproduction.


I literally never asked for no changes. And blizzard has made a whole slew of changes already, this is exactly what I’m talking about, people like you with 0 idea about any of the massive sweeping changes to classic telling people that actually play it that nothing has been changed. They already adjusted devilsaur spawns(a change) to deal with the larger server populations they implemented(also another changed). Saying “play something else” is not an opinion. It’s trolling.

I’m starting to see the issue now. Folks you’re not personally agreeing with doesn’t make them wrong or trolling. The devs don’t want echo chambers of folks blinding agreeing with one another. Along with that, trying to dismess others on this forum doesn’t help your case or help others understand your point of view.


This is a very “us vs. you” mentality that doesn’t belong on the forums. Like mentioned above, disagreeing is not trolling. Posting on their retail account characters is not trolling classic, nor is posting on a classic character in retail trolling.

If you have flagged the post and it is still there after Blizzard has looked at the report, that means they have not deemed it against forum rules.


They aren’t posting an opinion or having a discussion they’re literally just spamming “Hurrr nO cHaNgEs”

Then report the post. Mods will look into it.


#NoChanges is their opinion. They are entitled to request that Blizzard not make any additional changes to the game than they already have.

We have, you literally do nothing about it. You guys don’t even look at classic unless someone’s false positive ban gets enough attention.

So for fun, I searched for your quote “Hurrr u guys asked for no changes” and found zero hits for it in Classic.

What I was able to find were a bunch of trolling posts from you in the General forums though. So, best of luck with that.

It’s clear you’re not really reporting others for trolling. You just don’t like that they have a different opinion. That’s not trolling. But what you’re doing definitely is.

And Blizz doesn’t look at specific forums for violations, they view the reports they recieve from ALL of the forums.


That is your clue that the post you flagged did not violate policy. It doesn’t mean that people can say anything they want on the forums. It means you were wrong in thinking that one post violated the rules.

YOU may not have. But OTHERS have, and will continue to do so. That is a valid opinion regarding Classic, and is not trolling to express it.


by your logic none of what i’ve done is trolling. (it definitely is, but that’s not the point here.)

how is this not considered trolling? it adds nothing to the discussion and this player does things like this all over the forum.

You literally went to the General forums to spam a bunch of threads in an blatant attempt to troll.

In your examples so far, it’s people disagreeing with you. That’s not trolling.



…as an outsider, i simply see that as someone with an opinion which isn’t the same as yours.

Just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean they’re trolling.

You do know there’s this magical way to find all of the posts of a person under their posting toon, right? It’s not that hard. Along with that, trolling the CS forum won’t end well for you.

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No, trust me, I’m not agreeing with you at all. Context is everything. They’re replying to you and you don’t like what they’re saying and you think that’s trolling. It’s not.

You going to the General forums, randomly picking threads to spam and troll in with the same message is against the rules.

I get that you’re not going to accept the difference and that’s fine. If you think someone’s trolling, report them and then put them on ignore. That’s all you can do.

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you seem to be reading WAY too much into things.

if a thread asks for something to be changed, people will come along and say that they don’t think it needs to be changed.


Hello Talby,

Report or don’t report, then move on regardless. I wouldn’t take forums too seriously.

Anecdotally, I think we do get more people complaining about “being censored” than people complaining about lack of moderation.

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Do not say you weren’t warned, Talby. Just because a report isn’t instantly addressed, doesn’t mean it won’t be. I suggest you review our forum code of conduct over your vacation.