400-500g is kinda insane for 1 flask

Can’t beat them, join them… right? Last week I gave in and parked my hunter out in Winterspring to eagle eye around for lotus spawns.

This has proved to be a pointless task as nobody normal can compete with the multiple hunters that have lotus runners/spawn campers. When I scout around there are horde and ally characters sprinkled around at various spawns. I’ve taken to camping one spot in hopes that maybe it will show up at some point in my 8 hour workday.

Sorry not sorry, but this is not what it was like to play vanilla at all :]


Its not just black lotus at this point. Its basically every useful herb. Plagebloom is WAY up there too now.

Inflation + Demand = High Prices

Part of the issue is game design. Not enough gold sinks. Another part is the mega servers. There isn’t enough resources to support 40+ raiding guilds per faction per a server.

Then you add the fact that some players are basically printing gold faster than the Federal Reserve prints dollars…and gold’s value will continue to decrease.

I can handle players being AH goblins or sweaty campers with an account for each lotus spawn but what I cannot handle is this “teleport/flyhacking” that everyone keeps saying is going on.

I have never once encountered such a thing but if it is truly something that bots and RMT companies are getting away with then Things are a sad state of affairs

I do wonder what kind of black lotus supply exists out there in the various banks of all the players on any given server.

I’d argue not fixing this situation is actually a deviation from Vanilla WoW. Classic has 5x the Vanilla server populations with 1x the Vanilla server resources. This problem is not controllable by the players and is only solvable by Blizzard.

In Vanilla, on a full realm, you could farm for 2 hours a week, and get enough resources to last you 1-2 weeks without question. Black Lotus used to sell for 12-25 gold (not 200-300 gold). A stack of Plaguebloom would sell for 4-8 gold(not 120-150 gold).

The ratio of resources for population on Classic vs Vanilla is way off. It needs to be fixed.


500g flasks were foretold as far back as may.

But they still suck. Lol

That’s because you can’t teleport into someone else’s instances, bud.

You’re talking about giving Black Lotus spawns to any high level herb… in the open world. That’s not the same as INSTANCES having RTVs.

A more analogous ‘fix’ would be a chance for Black Lotuses to spawn in instances. Of course, that just leads to what is supposed to be the rarest herb becoming more common than a mid-high level herb.

The other part though is demand was never as high in vanilla because so few raid guilds progressed and cared.

Back then you had 1-5 raid guilds per server doing Naxx and worrying.

Now it’s 100+ raid guilds per sever doing Naxx.

And even if pop caps were identical (can you imagine the cries of queues?) since the classic playerbase is much more serious about endgame than the vanilla playerbase you will still run into supply vs demand issues.

someone has zero reading comprehension

No I’m not. I’m talking about adding them to any high level node period. Including ones inside instances.

Which is notably far fewer in between than the RTVs. Know of any Mountain Silversage spawns in an instance? Plaguebloom? Icecap? MAYBE Dreamfoil and Gromsblood, so you have a chance to find a either in Dire Maul and a chance for that herb to give a Black Lotus.

Or are you suggesting we add Black Lotus to Fadeleaf, Grave Moss, and Ghost Mushrooms?

But alright…

At this point I’d honestly be cool with that

Eh, I wouldn’t.

I think the rarest herb (by design) should be the rarest herb.

I agree with that.

On the flipside, these prices are killing me.

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Neither was every raid boss being a loot pinata and super faceroll. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Edit: I understand that you work 8 hours a day like many people, and that’s totally fine. But time was also a big reason why Vanilla was as inaccessible as it was. At the end of the day, not everything has to be accessible.

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Sans this “evil tactic”, Classic was always bound to lose a considerable portion of players to Shadowlands.

Not losing enough players to make farming plaguebloom or dreamfoil viable. Never mind black lotus. Allowing bots and hacks to run rampant doesn’t help.

If they roll out the same mega server nonsense for TBC it’s back to private servers for me. This is ridiculous.

Yea , not worth it . Its not required to use flask to complete a raid at all. It might be a requirement in your guild rules. People are still buying them at those prices I bet and that’s the root of the issue .

I still occasionally put in a couple hours farming lotus when I can and I’ve seen two under ground bots in the last three weeks. Not a huge amount but kinda frustrating knowing they’re out there and nothing I can do about it.

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Lotus are bad but they are only a part of the issue. Plaguebloom is 120g a stack right now on my server. Dreamfoil is about 50. Basically every herb is absolutely out of control on its price. Blizzard needs to up the spawn rate on everything to account for the larger server caps. They won’t tho because blizzard is an absolute joke of a company and really doesn’t care about its playerbase.