350g Black Lotus is insanity

Decent question. I don’t know, but I suspect that making a change to say something like dynamic spawn rate based on server population would require a feature being identified, agreed upon, specified, and then implemented.

If the only real difference that would make is the price that those who care to flask are paying, then would that make much of a difference overall anyway?

Also a good question! It would be nice to have some sort of better/faster enforcement of anti-bot measures, esp. if this is such an issue for such a valuable in-game commodity.

I wonder if adding personnel resources, such as live GMs who could actively look into Bot reports would result in overall profit gains (or less loss in profits overtime), or if it would simply add overhead and complexity while not having any positive effects on profits, i.e. does enough of the playerbase care enough that it matters significantly to do anything about this?

Seems like a reasonable starting point for a discussion. I wonder what sorts of unintended or unexpected side-effects might something like this have?

it’d be a shame if say… the server was covered in bots selling gold or something.


I admit this thread is full of people who dont want to grind.

There is no evidence in this thread that shows black lotus was never 350g in vanilla on any servers at any time.

Hi guys,

The reason Black Lotus is priced so extremely is because the only people that care about it are tryhards that need it to parse high, and tryhards that care about parsing high will spend whatever they have to in order to get their orange and pinks.

Nobody needs a black lotus to clear any content currently in the came, and you probably won’t until Naxx (and probably not even then).

In other words, black lotus prices are a non-issue. Your life isn’t over because you don’t hit 99 and this should be dead last on Blizzard’s “fix it” list.


How is it trolling to disagree with people in this thread? Go grind.

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this is just straight false, you can easily see lotus prices from 2006 in screenshots being under 50g easily. Anyone playing at the time can attest, why are you trolls even here? you’re contributing nothing to the thread.


You’re literally in here claiming literal proof of lotus being lower priced isn’t proof, and you keep repeating the same exact comment. how exactly aren’t you trolling?


Classic is a grindfest. People in this thread want Blizzard to make it less of a grindfest. Im calling out the hippocracy of the wow classic community . They want changes in this thread.

10k server populations are already changes, again stop basically copy pasting your response, you’re adding nothing to the thread.


And people keep replying to me saying the populations are different. That’s not adding anything either

It literally does, you really don’t seem to grasp basic math at all if you don’t understand that only 69 lotus can spawn per day, on servers that are literally over 3 times the size of vanilla servers, and why this would cause a shortage.


Be gone troll


Look! You didnt add anything to the thread again. You literally just said that

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thanks for confirming, if bfa is so great why are you trolling the forums all day? lmao


also what kinda of absolute clown embraces tribalism over different versions of a video game rofl like look at yourself.

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Not a bad idea, could put a 3 day cool down on it or something. I don’t think we’re going to see a change come from Blizz as to how and when BL spawns.

We the player base can help the cause though. Before you purchase off the AH take a look at the name of the seller, try sending them a message, if you get a broken English response and the person has many up for sale, odds are that persons could be a “Chinese bot”. If the person gives you a real response then maybe/probably that person put their nose to the grindstone and found the BL through honourable means.

We can identify the problems with BL, spitball solutions, point the finger at Blizz, automated programs and bots, however all the talk falls on deaf ears. The solutions have to come from the player base through grassroots movements on each server.

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I DO have proof that’s true lol. The server caps are much higher now than they were at any point in vanilla during 2004-2006. According to Blizzard, the spawn rates for herbs like black lotus are accurate to what they were in their reference client of 1.12. I’m not sure what you’re not understanding. It’s not a matter of complaining. It’s a matter of simple economics. There’s supply and there’s demand. The supply, according to Blizzard, remains the same as it was in vanilla. The demand however has increased tenfold due to the MUCH higher player caps per realm.


That’s fine. Im done posting in this thread. I decided my opinion is known and there is nothing left for me to post.

That doesn’t fix the issue of the lotus spawn rate though.

There simply arent enough lotus generated to support the server’s raiders. Roughly ~96 lotus are available to each server a day.

Thats roughly 2 raids worth.

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Don’t buy. You don’t need them anyway.

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