Marksman Hunter- Aim shot still doing incorrect damage/bugged- no hotfix yet. CAREFUL AIM BUGGED TOO

Bump still bugged. Spam changing spec in lobby sometimes helps with it but careful aim is def bugged as well

Bump- can we get a fix on this???

This need a fix.


They literally announced nerfs to the class after this bug was left sitting for nearly 2 weeks and have now launched said nerfs whilst not even acknowledging this issue.

Its not getting fixed any time soon if at all.

They will probably fix it by just saying it was missing from the patch notes but is working as intended.


bump still broken

bump still broken fix please

last one 9 aimshots in a MAGE with trueshot/on use. I was struggling to break his shield

I need to check mine… maybe thats why I was having really low damage in some arena since last week…

Bump aimshot is still bugged so is careful aim PLEASE ADDRESS THIS. 9 Aimshots into a mage. Trueshot + on use badge I can barely break his shields

Bump still broken

Bump still not fixed

Would be nice if it was recognized but hey its blizz :slight_smile:

Aimshot hitting for 20k seems to have been stealth fixed but the numbers are still off and careful aim is broken still

20 aimshots into a frost mage as full mastery mm with trueshot/onuse throughout game im barely able to break a shield

10 more aimshots on a dummy right now with all cds popped

I’m tooltipping at 85k dmg during badge/weapon proc up and hitting for 40-50ks. Something is REALLY off

12 more aimshots and even at tooltip of 86k dmg with all cds rolling my hardest crit was 84k. At times i’m doing 50% of my tooltip damage barely

Bump still broke HERE IS TODAYS AIMSHOTS back to hitting for 20-30k again. 6 rounds of shuffle

I’m 1 spot off being in Crimson Legend range as Marksman and after noticing my Aimed Shots dealing only 20,000 damage I’m now not very comfortable queueing knowing that the classes main damage is completely bugged. Don’t know how this hasn’t come to Blizzards attention yet, bit of a joke. I’m sure if Chaos Bolt was hitting 20k it would be fixed before even a reset comes around.

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Its been over 3 weeks man with aimshot/careful aim BOTH being bugged. I’ve made repeated posts and on general discussion. Idk what else to do. Sucks cant play mm

bump still bugged

bump another day still not fixed

I’m often hitting for 50% of my tooltip damage on Aimshot or less

Bump- can we expect a fix soon?

Edit 8 aimshots on a pvp dummy with trueshot + on use badge starting at 100% HP

Doing almost half my tooltip damage for aimshot
Careful Aim is not applying as well

Bump. Tooltip says 97k im hitting 50-60k aim shots average with full CDS

My best was 108k tooltip damage with all CDs/Procs and i hit for 58k on target dummy.

Still broken going into patch. Careful aim not applying. Nice guess i’m not playing my hunter this patch