MM Aimed Shot Bonus Dmg Above 70% Health is 5% vs 50%

This is my tooltip description.

If 46k is normal, then for targets above 70% health it should be 69k. Crits should be twice those averages at 92k and 138k respectively. Actual damage always has variance but over many shots should regress to these averages summarized below.

TgtHealth Normal Critical
<70% 46,019 92,038
>70% 69,029 138,057

The following image show an actual encounter against a rare that spawn in Ohn’aran Plains that very quickly dipped below 70% health and only had 7 shots. The normal hits are only 35k vs 46k, but that may just be bad luck with only a sample size of 3. The critical hits are 71k, which looks consistent for hits against a target that is already below 70% health.

The last image shows data against the raiding target dummy (single target) in Valdrakken. I exclusively pressed Aimed Shot 29 times (must’ve have gotten a free hit as there are 30 hits). The raiding dummy was at 100% health the whole time and Normal hits are 49k (N=19), which seems in line with a 46k average, but far below the expected 69k average for a target above 70% health. The critical hits are 97k (N=11) which also seem in line with a 92k average, but again are far below the expected 138k average for a target above 70% health.

A more likely explanation is that 49k/46k and 97k/92k are both about 1.05. The 50% damage bonus described in the tooltip seems to only actually apply a 5% damage bonus. The damage multiplier for targets above 70% health should be corrected from 1.05 to 1.50.


Oh nice I thought something weird was going on. Hopefully they fix that.

IF %'s actually worked like this i would 100% agree… but WoW formula’s are wacked out at this point so with everything going on i can tell you tool tips 50% doesn’t mean the ability is going to do a bonus 50% exactly

bump careful aim is still bugged

Bump still bugged

Bump careful aim is bugged

10 aimshots into a frost mage this round. With trueshot/badge/full mastery I’m barely denting him

here is another 10