18 support tickets in the past year, 0 resolved to satisfaction

I’ve always been told that it’s something they can’t help with or given an automated response. Overwatch tickets unreviewed, wow tickets ignored. What’s the use of customer service? It takes a complete uproar for ANYTHING to be done. I remember a time when customer service use to actually… SERVICE CUSTOMERS instead of ignore them.

As an example: I picked the wrong ring from the Brood of Nozdormu quest and given a copy/paste about not being able to help.

Blizzard’s responses aren’t automated.

That is in their policy, they can’t subsitute quest rewards. You’ll have to be more careful next time. It would be much easier to just swap ther reward for you, but they simply can’t because of policy.

Customer service =/= complying with all of the customer’s demans.

As a side-note, I would not recommend opening 18 tickets for the same issue. You didn’t make the distinction of whether or not those 18 ticketes were about this same “quest reward” issue, but I am hoping they were mostly seperate issues.


I didn’t say they were automated. I said they were copy/paste. Having personalized and the bare minimum of effort into “helping” someone with an issue.

It has been multiple issues. Some in overwatch some in world of warcraft, some general questions or information, some the service rep decided to close before the conversation was over.

All of which were tossed to the side and left with nothing in its place.

[edit] The year prior I was in contact with a senior supervisor about being suspended from overwatch due to blatantly false claims and by the time I was connected to them they had already deleted records of what happened. It’s a total mess.

What did you mean here when you said you were given “an automated response” then? What do you mean by “automated”?

They help when they can. When they can’t help, it’s always due to either policy or technical limitations.

Their responses are supposed to be efficient, concise, and professional. I am not sure what more you want from their responses. It seems like if a GM denies your request, you consider it a “bad response” and “unhelpful”.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the problems you encounter. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Blizzard GMs. Even when they have refused my requests, they have always adequately justified the refusal.

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Yet they use to be helpful all the time. I recall times when having problems with items, location, general information and anything else use to be handled in a professional manner and requests honored or at least looked into.

I don’t expect everything to be handled instantly but I at least expect someone to be able to help when a mistake is made.

It wouldn’t be hard to set a quest flag to 0 and remove an item from my bag. I’ve done it on MUDs and games I’ve ran in the past (which have included pservers, btw). It’s not hard and they have done it before. I’ve experienced it first hand.

Of course a GM could do it. I’m not sure if they used to do it in the past, I never had to do that, but I’ll take your word for it.

It doesn’t change the fact that the current policy says that they will not swap quest rewards, under any circumstances.

This policy is by design:

Now if you want to have a discussion about changing the policy, I would encourage it, but it might be a little late for that.

The policy may be “by design” but it is not consistent with Vanilla.

In Vanilla, on my warrior, I chose the “wrong” quest reward for my lvl 50 class quest. I took the helm instead of diamond flask. Several months later I upgraded my helm again to lionheart helm, and vendored my quest reward helm. Several more months later I put in a ticket, to switch my choice of quest rewards. A friendly GM helped me, and within a few hours I had a diamond flask in my mailbox.

I think people have a legitimate complaint that Acti-Blizzard’s policy of not switching quest rewards is not Vanilla like.

And let’s be honest here, Acti-Blizzard isn’t choosing this policy to make Classic “more challenging [and] more punishing.” Acti-Blizzard has chosen this policy because they don’t want to pay for support staff.


I deleted my Druid in vanilla. I restored it seven years later within a couple hours of opening a ticket. I remember at the time thinking “wow, these tickets take forever.”

Now I wait literally days for a robotic response that doesn’t answer my question or address my issue. I’ve not gotten a ticket response that has been satisfactory in years.


Can’t you swap it out at exalted?



“Primarily, because WoW Classic has extremely limited support by design.”

This goes for taking care of bots, hacks, exploits and so on. Unless you’re Horde in AV. Then they’re all over that.

This policy was introduced a while ago and has nothing to do with being vanilla like or not. What a dumb reference

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NB4 Delimicus “EXCUSE ME, BUT UR NAIVE” poasting.

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He has a very particular niche of quoting something technically incorrect and citing a source to prove how/why it is technically incorrect.

Some times it is important to the conversation, some times it is not. But he is rarely “wrong” when he does it.

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I once worked in customer support for PlayStation, whose model seems very similar to Blizzard’s. The name of the game is troubleshooting, not customer service: hence the use of copy-pasted scripts to give feed back to the most people with the least investment of time and resources. I remember I could sometimes “action” as many as 120 tickets on a 7.5 hour shift during peak periods - so you can imagine the time investment that was going into each one. As you update tickets they are usually then sent to the bottom of the urgency pile and assumed “actioned” until the customer suggests otherwise (at which point they re-enter the queue).

In truth, this model can work perfectly fine. But it depends upon having a manageable backlog of work. If it takes days or even weeks to get on-top of each request, and you need to have a bit of back-and-forth with the rep as you go through the troubleshooting process, the overall waiting time for the customers can explode. This is all the more exacerbated if the CS rep must escalate the matter to an equally under-resourced department - which is presumably what happens when you raise a ticket on a matter such as botting, which is subsequently sent to the anti-cheat team.

He was technically “wrong” in two threads over the past two days (claiming to know how many people per average are on Classic WoW servers, and claiming to know how many Classic bots Blizzard bans per month) - citing Blizzard posts out-of-context and using a healthy dose of inference and speculation. When I called him out on these double-standards, he then made some ad-hominem attacks about me getting upset and “trolling” before apparently using a script to block my future posts so he can continue his tirade in peace.

Truly, the forums are lucky to have such a stalwart protector.


While i did not see that particular thread. I believe you.

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18 tickets… people like you are the reason customer service is overloaded and reduced to crappy copy paste responses without anyone having the time to actually review cases.

in 365 days and you get copy/paste responses for the majority of them. Your measure of stress is overblown.

You don’t seem to have a grasp on how thinly spread out the customer service is.

I have probably 180 days combined /played. Only time I ever submitted a ticket was a silence appeal which I ended up eating regardless.

I almost always have my support tickets resolved. Of course, I know what type of issues to escalate and don’t send silly requests like “durrr, I picked the wrong quest reward!”

Seriously dude…don’t clog up the system with those types of tickets. You made a mistake…deal with it.

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As a customer that really isn’t my problem. It’s a problem for the people WHO FIRED 800 SUPPORT STAFF MEMBERS.

People aren’t allowed to make mistakes? Not even 1? Get outta here with your tripe.