18 bots in Steamvault on my server, all 58 boosted

Woah woah woah.

Why don’t you go correct someone’s grammar and get off my back, buddy.

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Ooooh no, so sorry. But easy solution: Don’t talk to me you wannabe panda dk with the name chubs…

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Agree to disagree think they would make a killing people like me in our 30s have money and we can waste thousands of dollars on a whim and our time is worth way more than our money. People who see leveling as gating will either

1 Not play
2 Find a way to not have to do it

So what’s your best case scenario here casuals all quit? I mean if you only want to play with other sweaty no lifers I guess that makes sense but don’t you guys want some noobs to dumpster? The result of this change can only be more noobs at cap playing endgame for you to interact with. They wont be a challenge either in most cases just baddies who plays a few hours a week to dump on. And you even get to make money off them via selling your gold.

So far, that’s two people whose ignorance has been exposed.

60% of the player base quit Classic around BWL launch when they realized the honor farm was a joke and the content was too easy.

The rest of the game was much better without them.

Hopefully the same idiots who came to TBCC because they saw a boost and haven’t had any new content in Retail for almost a year do the same.

We will be just fine without them.


More than two…

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Wonder how long it’s going to take Moxnlx to realize he’s being baited by them.

Ah well at least your position makes sense then you only want to play with no lifers got it. I personally as a casual don’t really care much for no lifers or what weird things they find sacred in order to make their wasted time have meaning. But then again you know I see this as a game not life ><.

Well, he’s also stuck in the mindset that casual mean “bad” and “I have money so take my credit card and let me buy Glad”, because that’s what retail is now with the WoW Token.

You’re not buying Glad directly, but you’re buying gold legit from Bliz and giving it to the people who sell it RMT for getting you Glad while you keyboard turn.

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I don’t know how you come to the conclusion that the only people playing Classic are no lifers, but you do you.

There were still plenty of casual players in the game for the entirety of Classic.

There will be plenty in TBCC.

I see this as a game too.

I play it instead of wasting money trying to skip it.

I would play something else if I did not enjoy the bulk of what it has to offer.

I mean Its like selling someone a turd sandwich I’m not telling you to take the poop out of your sandwich if you like how it tastes just let me take it out of mine. See this is the difference between a casual and no lifer as a causal I don’t care what you do or how you play. You very much care about what other people are able to do as you want to compare yourself as you see it as something important I see it as a game with no real importance other than entertaining me. I’m here to tell blizzard I see leveling as that turd and will gladly pay them instead of china if they remove it from my sandwich.

It has nothing to do with casual vs no lifer.

You want to directly impact a dynamic of the game for your personal benefit without a care for how it affects the rest of the player base.

In an MMORPG based around social interaction that doesn’t work.

Go play Retail and keep justifying selfish behavior with whatever cope you want to label it as.

Classic was reintroduced because a large portion of the player base does not want to play the game the way you want to play it.

Moxnlx, just so you’re aware, this guy mentioned a “TOS.” You’re one google search away from discovering that Blizzard does not have a TOS. Just keep that in mind as you bump this thread talking with a level 26 Panda DK about Classic WoW.

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You are not as good of a troll as he is.

Keep trying.

I am for this. Although sometimes when I play alliance it already feels like I’m playing bots so I really won’t even be able to tell unless que times are way down :joy:

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I mean that’s cool I just want blizz to know the interest is there. My wallet is open and ready Wouldn’t mind doing pvp on a few classes if they added unlimited level boosts to 70. Most people want this blizz is probably just milking the deluxe edition etc for a little longer. He does have some point in that this game was made originally for and is paced for people who have no life or other hobbies and just play wow all day I’m under no illusion its any other way. Thing is these no lifers are not going anywhere they have no where else to go milking casual whales with micro transactions might make them grumble on the forums but all you get in the end is more customers and more money. Despite all their moaning they benefit too with fresh noobs to pwn and money to be made.

And one guy who give his insufferable know-it-all manner to the best again. Particularly embarrassing is that he is probably the uneducated Honk, who most likely speaks only one language and these not even correctly! :laughing:

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I mean at the end of the day childs isn’t a word unless you add an apostrophe to make it possessive. “He took the child’s toy away.”

But if you’re not a native English speaker that would not be immediately obvious to because a lot of words do become plural by adding an S so the confusion is understandable. I have no idea on the consistency of other languages but my understanding is English is known for its lack of consistency across words.

In fairness to Mobikon not like he’d know you were non native English either, but once that was stated he should have backed off.

Also I believe persons is technically correct and has uses, but most people say…well people. I think it’s old school, used in legal writings, etc.

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Sweet. Cheap ore and herbs for me so I can level engineering and alchemy without having to gather myself.


What it really does is discourages regular players to farm because the market is oversaturated so the prices aren’t worth it. Which encourages buying gold, finding a more lucrative farm, or just raw gold farm which creates more gold and continues to inflate the economy.

People who think botting is a good thing for market prices are either short sighted/selfish or just trolling.

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