18 bots in Steamvault on my server, all 58 boosted

They’re using flyhacking to get nodes and throwing stacks of ores and herbs on AH, tanking prices for regular people gathering.

2 years of Classic and they still can’t make a proper anti-cheat for flyhacking?



lul and people said bots wouldn’t use the 58 boost XD


Don’t /who c-“rogue” z-“mana-tombs”

It will ruin your day.


Level 58s can enter steamvaults?


Yeah, they can.
Checking several servers, they’re everywhere. And you can’t report them since there’s no character frame to click on.

Excellent system.


Intergrity of the game at stake. But cash rules.

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So, you’re in the instance with them?

Link your stream.


This is crazy. My Alliance account got closed for God knows what, still no real answer, but I see bots taking up 3/4ths of AB games and tons out in the open world kekw


This is great for the economy. With such few layers open world farming doesn’t yield enough materials to sustain a high population server.


Now now

All those people didn’t say they wouldn’t use the boost they just said there’s no good reason for them to and they’d be stupid to do so and just because some bots are buying the boost doesn’t mean they aren’t buying the boost en masse. Obviously some bots were gonna buy the boost!

They couldn’t have possibly been wrong.

…could they have?


Someone should make alliance bots en masse and have them all queue BGs so horde can free farm them for honor while also improving their queues.


No, plenty of people said that they would use it. Problem is the majority of the community doesn’t see the correlation between buying gold illegally and bots.

In all reality, folks who have a problem with botting are in the minority. Everyone else doesn’t really care and will play the game without a care. Maybe they’ll remark on some things like, “Woah! Why is this thing on the AH that I want so expensive!?” But they won’t think about it too much.

Thinking is hard, after all. That’s why everyone uses Questie!


Should just add paid boost as many as you want per accounts to 70 at this point and add the wow woken for gold while at it. Problems solved.


Honestly, I don’t think it’s as nuanced as you’re saying.

I seriously just think that no one has a monetary respect for the value of time.
40 bucks to get a 58 was a steal for the RMT folks.


I think they are silly for not letting everyone spam them. Add unlimited boost and gold token my wallet is open and ready blizzard.

That’s not the solution either, imo.

Blizzard desperately needs to update their anti-cheat solutions and possibly add actual human beings to track these situations. If you’re automating a security solution, you’re 100% reactionary.

There are ZERO automated security solutions to things that no one knows about and there is minimal investigative staff for in game. The lions share is on the infrastructure side looking at outside of game global and traditional IT threats.

In game integrity and security has always been secondary, allowing this situation to fester for the entire life of WoW, not just in the Classic space. If you’re trying to solve a problem after it happens, you’re failing. The idea in any security space is to have folks that have the imagination to think up what the bad actors will or could do before they do it.



Blizzard should make them farm in open world so we get an accurate TBC recreation.

Press X for doubt.


Why not? More money for blizzard. Casuals gets to catch up to no lifers. Real money for no life farmers legally. I personally fully support and like pay2win systems. The idea that the no lifers time investment is worth less when you can literally sell it after a change like this has always seemed backwards and strange to me. Everyone wins with token + paid boosts. People just in their head don’t like it despite the fact it only adds to their experience . More noobs get pulled up so sweaty guys can stomp and be better than them and those players get to enjoy the content they want instead of farming and grinding and they pay the other players for that privledge. seems win win to me.


The integrity of the game and those of us that want our time investment to have a value lose.

It hard to believe the game has value in anyway when someone can drop 40 bucks and negate the hours/days of time spent building and learning a character. In addition to the value of the human relationships that are lost by not meeting people in the open world, grouping, and interacting.

MMOs have multiple tenants that they work off of to be successful. Human interactions, exploration, and story are three of them.

Allowing people to pay money to skip those for a “low low price of XYZ” cheapens the experience for everyone. We don’t want retail, we want TBC.