18 bots in Steamvault on my server, all 58 boosted

Botting has plagued wow since it’s inception.

Blizzard is either incapable or unwilling to do anything about it.

It’s a sorry state of affairs but complaining/worrying about it is just a waste of your time at this point.

People that aren’t old enough to be adults are called childs, aren’t they?


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Not if you want to graduate.

I got my degree at the Phoenix Institute of DeVry thank you very much.

My childs will be well taken care of once I’m gone.

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Pretty sure that’s not what it’s called.

I googled your keywords and got this:

So if anyone opens an account with the birthdate that shows the person is under 18 , then he/she have to face some restrictions for playing WOW . For each working day they can not play more than 3 hours straight. They have to take a 5 hours break. Then this 3 hours restriction will be reset .

when the player will turn 18 . All the restrictions will be withdrawn . It’s only for teens under 18 .

Means to me this restriction is only there for under aged persons.

I already have several top educational qualifications, but my native language is obviously not English. Therefore, my choice of words may be funny, but you are also welcome to show me what is wrong with “child”, instead of criticizing me for it! :wink:

That’s a damn fine school.

“childs” is not a word

I don’t really understand your point of view. There is a bunch of old leveling which is equivalent to spam frostbolt at ogres 10 thousand times and no one wants to do this its boring and about as much fun as playing rock paper scissors all day. like no one to thinks most people like this to think otherwise is to be intentionally obtuse people wouldn’t pay for accounts boost / gold otherwise. Simply put no one sees leveling as content this is an old re releases we leveled our first 6 toons through this a decade ago hard pass. MANY People want to spam bg and arena for fun and not waste time doing boring content of spam one button at random mob over and over. These people will not do this regardless of token or not. They will either bot and get banned bot and not get banned pay someone to level for them or buy an account. Changing to token and payed boosts only puts the money in blizzards and the players pockets instead of bot farms. That’s all it does.

Some people do see leveling as content.

It is integral to older iterations of WoW because the time investment creates more meaningful and planned out choices.

If this is not how you want to play the game that is fine, but do not pretend it’s how everyone who plays the game thinks.


Are you serious? So you are not shorten everywhere and get the plural by just adding a “s”?

kid / kids
adult / adults
person / persons

But when someone say childs instead of children, the online spelling police sounds the alarm right away! :laughing:

I’m not I’m just also not pretending people like me who see it as gating wont do it we pay people to do it for us or buy accounts as its not fun and we don’t give a crap about that. People will buy their boosts and gold from blizzard and players or china there is no in between. Not having the token doesn’t change the meaning of anything though I don’t deny people think it does but it really doesn’t.

These are the NA WoW forums and you will speak English good! Murica.

No, I’m totally pulling your leg here. You can always flibbertyjibbet that snogglewok whenever you crolken. Nobody will goolop you. Ever.

And you understood me, right? Great, so what’s your freaking problem?

Swipers gonna swipe.

It’s not against TOS to trade retail gold for Classic gold and there are entire Discord’s dedicated to doing it.

Blizzard already has the solution. Players like you are either too lazy to do it within their guidelines or prefer to buy cheaper gold anyway, which means you wouldn’t buy tokens.

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You’re my problem, Xuxu of Illidan, if that is your real name.

I got my eye on you.

Blizzard doesn’t have a TOS.